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Fitzroy, Melbourne

Cape Live

298 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
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Cape Live combines the comfort of a pub atmosphere with the vibe of Melbourne’s beloved Brunswick Street. Providing both live music and DJ acts, in an environment catering for every age group, Cape Live is a refreshing alternative to the much younger style bars of beatnik Brunswick, where you’ll instantly feel at home.

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Cape Live Review

Review By Sophie Lane

One stormy night a string of nightclub line up rejections along Brunswick Street led four friends to a little place called Cape Live, where funnily enough, it seemed that a string of love related rejections had led every single other attendee to this misfit meeting place. Ah, Cape Live, a venue where no misfit is ever a misplaced mis match too far. Upon entrance the bouncer had swooped for our IDs before our final venue decision was even made. Suddenly I came to realise that this parallel universe paradise was like nothing like I had ever seen before. I was Dorothy, we definitely weren’t in Kansas any more, and the fifty year old suburban red neck barking loudly to my left was Toto.

The free entry fee for all should have perhaps been a warning into the lack of exclusivity Cape Live has to offer its many patrons. After just a few steps on a furry, alcohol stained red carpet my eyes were blinded by a lethal sea of Hawaiian shirts, diamante studded menopause arses, and overweight accountants who think that Macarina moves are sure to win over the next Toothless Tina.

The venue comprises of one level only, which is suitably illustrative of the ways in which my fellow Cape Live-er’s brains work; on one level. A smell of cheap beer and desperado filled the room, with the first positive of the venue being it’s conveniently positioned cumbersome bar, I couldn’t have gotten a drink fast enough.

Pieces of furniture which looked like the wear and tear of many years of enduring morbidly obese booties have taken its toll, were scattered around the edges of the venue. I soon realised my naivety upon sitting on a brown velvet arm chair, having had thought that these had gone to the heavens along with Grandma’s doilies.

Cheap sleazy grins may induce envisions of cheap sleazy drinks, but don’t be fooled. Although the atmosphere suggests a one buck chuck, the drink prices are standard for that of an inner Melbourne bar, we were on Brunswick Street after all.

With each and every trip to the bar, this harsh parallel universe reality became more palatable, and although I was feeling as loose as the woman to my right’s sexual inhibitions by the end of the night, it didn’t make her lesbian offer any easier to swallow. Five accidental bumps, two compliments and three winks later, it was time to forget about another drink and call it a night. Dorothy is straight after all, now where did my dog Toto go?

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