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Campbelltown Catholic Club

20 – 22 Camden Rd, Campbelltown, NSW
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The biggest club in the greater west, the Catho as it is affectionately known as provides everything under one roof. Whether it’s a big night out or a quiet one, the Catho is the place for people of all ages.

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Campbelltown Catholic Club Review

Review By Ben King

The Campbelltown Catholic Club… Without question, the most famous (or infamous) institution in the Campbelltown nightlife scene. If If one was to describe this place in a single sentence that sentence would have to be “one size fits all.”If you haven’t been there before, this place is absolutely massive. Whoever founded this place obviously wanted to combine a little bit of everything into the single venue.

Accordingly, this place is part bar, nightclub, casino, RSL, pool hall, bistro and hosting patrons of all ages, you could attend this place from the cradle to the grave.The first thing that you will notice about this place is the sheer number of pokies, It is like a miniature Star City, and with no shortage of punters, this place will be around forever.

The appeal of the Campbelltown Catholic Club to the 18 to 25 year olds is the location. The leafy city of Campbelltown does not provide a huge diversity of bars and nightclubs, and as such, the Catho as it is known has been turned into an all purpose venue by the people that attend.The biggest attraction of this place, other than the irony of seeing 18 to 80 year olds kicking it side by side would have to be the drinks prices, which are dirt cheap. The food is what you would expect from any RSL Bistro, and is also dirt cheap.

If you fall between the ages of 18 and 30, ans are looking for a big night out, then the best thing to do is have a few drinks here and head down the road to Club 209. I guarantee that you will not be the only one making this journey.In regards to a clubbing destination, the Catholic Club is not great, however as a pre drinking destination it has everything you would ever want.

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