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Calamvale Hotel (Pressure Lounge)

Cnr Compton & Beaudesert Roads, Calamvale, 4116
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This is a New York Night style club, with a state of art sound system and mind numbing light show Relax, have a drink with your friends in the cosy lounge areas and listen or watch the latest and hottest DJs around.

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What to Expect @ The Pressure Lounge

By Damien Coe

Pressure lounge, located inside the Calamvale hotel on Brisbane’s south, is one of the Southside’s premier nightspots – in particular, on a Friday night. With taxi fares on the rise, Southside residents have considered the Pressure Liunge as their “city or valley”. As a Southsider myself, I know the Pressure Lounge is one of few venues out here where you know there will be more than 10 people inside the venue.

Judging from what I saw, pre drinks are held in the hotel bar until the doors to the Pressure Lounge open. I got a real sense of community about the Pressure Lounge: everybody seems to know everybody, and if you’re Kiwi you’ll fit right in. Girls and guys seem to even out, with the girls seeming a lot younger then the guys.

There’s no doubt that Pressure Lounge is an Urban club, and if your not a fan of that style of music, then this venue is not for you because that’s pretty much all they play. DJs pump all the top 40 RnB and rap tunes as well as some of the classics. Drinks are reasonably priced and pretty standard, although for a suburban nightclub I would expect they could be cheaper as I have paid the same for a scotch and coke in a Valley club.

The Pressure Lounge is very dark, with lighting at a minimum. If you’re a dancer and love a good dancefloor, the Pressure Lounge is for you. There is plenty of room to cut a rug and let loose, which is the type of club this place is. On either side of the dance floor there are two podiums that include stripper poles, which are open to anyone who is game enough to get up there – some other clubs have similar concepts but they are usually only for hired dancers.

The last time I went to the pressure lounge was for my 18th birthday (which was five years ago now) and unfortunately nothing has changed. Although I did have a lot of fun, I still favour a night out in the city or Valley over the Pressure Lounge.

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A 2nd Look @ The Calamvale Hotel (Pressure Lounge)

By Pia Mulligan

I had never been to the Calamvale Hotel before and its reputation as a “Bogan filled stink hole” (as one of my friends so kindly put it) didn’t have me knocking down the door to get in. However, said friend had not been since its renovation, and my boyfriend assured me I would love it.

Unfortunately, he said this on the way to the venue, just before we heard that there had been a bomb threat. Argh! Not a good start; but after being given the all clear we pushed on, getting closer and closer to what I was sure was going to be a bad night. “If one guy grabs my bot bot, we are leaving,” I thought to myself.

As we pulled up to the venue I’m impressed with how nice it looks: its white shade sail roof gives an impression of cleanliness and class. I was not expecting to enjoy any aspects of The Vale, however, I mustn’t let my guard down too soon as looks can be deceiving.

We arrived at around 9:30pm (before the large crowd that is usually expected after 10:00pm) so we jumped straight to the front of the line to have our I.D. checked. Again, I unexpectedly thought something about The Vale was kind of cool: after the bouncer scrutinised my Learner’s License, he scanned it and I was required to have my photo taken, both to be put in the hotel’s system. This process is required to keep tabs on troublemakers and ensure anyone who is banned, stays banned. It was the most high tech security system I had experienced in all my clubbing years, and I felt a great sense of safety and security. My curiosity to find out what was waiting on the other side of the doors suddenly peaked and my constant complaining that we were there at all lightened.

Our crew started off with a laid back sing-a-long session to the live band playing Aussie classics in the Circuit Bar. The bar is plain and small, with seating for about 16 people, and is usually counted as ‘pre-drinks’ for Pressure Lounge goers. Despite being an RnB girl myself, I had a great time singing with the band and strongly recommend anyone interested in going to the Pressure Lounge to make a stop at the Circuit Bar first.

“Okay, here we go.” I made my way to The Pressure Lounge, still with some doubt, but mostly with excitement – I had had a fun night so far and was now looking forward to what else The Vale had to offer. We walked in.

My first thought? “Wow.” The Pressure Lounge is The Vale’s RnB/Hip Hop club and it is huge! A long bar stretched along the back wall serves up standard drinks for the standard price of around $8-$10; there are bar-style tables with stools in the back left corner and a well lit couched area in the back right, and two podiums equipped with stripper poles on either side of the dance floor. Despite the dance floor coming close to the size of Mystique’s, it was packed and the DJ spinning a mix of 80% mainstream Hip Hop and 20% old school Hip Hop. There were much less fitted cap and baggy jean wearers than I thought there would be as well. Everyone seemed to be there to have a good time and weren’t judgemental on the dance floor, which meant I could dance as crazily as I wanted and people would join in… and that’s exactly what I did all night.

I loved my experience at The Vale and recommend it for all RnB/Hip Hop lovers!

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