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Boutique Nightclub

134 Greville St, Prahran, VIC
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Melbourne’s premier nightspot with its sumptuous lounges and extensive beverage list. Situated in historic and hip Greville Street, this iconic, fashionable location ensures a big night out is also a great night out. This high profile venue creates an atmosphere of fun and decadence that ads to the elite atmosphere you will talk about for some time. With 80’s music permeating through the venue Friday Nights, and a mix of RnB, House, electro Staurday nights, Boutique Nightclub has a little bit of something for even the most avid Nightclubber, and ensures a good time.

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Boutique Nightclub Review

Review By Sophie Lane

“Great”. Minus one exclamation mark and the preceding word summed up the plummeting mood of my Saturday night, before I had even reached the club. Sarcasm, it’s a useful tool isn’t it? Although I hate to say it, after a night out at Boutique Nightclub on Greville Street, maybe the club really did earn an exclamation mark after all.

The first blow to my night came when the wine guzzling passenger to my left told me (told me? Who am I kidding? Squealed. Yes, more than two glasses of wine always results in a definite squeal) that we wouldn’t be heading to our usual spot. I’d been fooled. Kidnapped. Blinded. And now I was pissed. I hadn’t heard much about the place, but the image in my mind rang out alarm bells of underage peroxide headed girls rolled in tandoori-chicken fake tan. I looked down at my bottle of untouched Moscato and took in a great sigh of acceptance.

The drunken haze had to start somewhere, right? And according to my pessimistic self at 10.40pm, I was happy to drink up before I would bail out. “Great.”

Upon entering the venue, my greatest fears and worst enemies weren’t anywhere to be seen. The usual freezing nightclub line up went smoothly and quickly, and no stiletto stomps from overly excited underages. Even my ID (which needs a desperate update as at age 18 I was dying my hair black with the hopes of being perceived as “deep”) was scanned and accepted before the usual declaration of name, age, date of birth, address and star sign whilst closing my eyes and offering bank cards as secondary evidence. The night was looking up.

After just a few steps into the club, a sense of exclusivity is the first of many things Boutique offered. Instead of being greeted by a lack of oxygen, I was met with an open space. A central bar which could be accessed from multiple angles added the second tick of approval, and no long catty cues or spews in the female restrooms meant I was one happy drunk.

As my disposition lifted and Boutique began to fill up, the mood of the venue lifted from a relaxed lounge bar feel to an energetic dancing hub.

Friday night is retro night at Boutique, which helped to curb my enthusiasm up another notch. Usually when a club is ‘retro’, the oldest thing in the room is the music, but not here. As I turned my head around to give one of my fellow wine guzzlers a sloppy alcohol induced love declaration, I was met with the one, the only, Molly Meldrum.

Molly the man himself grinded, bumped and shared numerous sweat beads with the population of Boutique, whilst the second star for the night made her way to the dj booth. Something old something new? It was none other than Ruby Rose, Australia’s MTV tattooed queen.

“Great!” Now that deserves an exclamation mark. I didn’t need the self induced wine guzzling gaze after all.

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A Second Review of Boutique Nightclub

Review by Jayden Masciulli

It was an icy Saturday night, and I hurried out of the rain and into this luxury Prahran nightspot, tucked within the heritage shopfronts of Greville Street. I was there to support a friend of a friend of mine, a DJ who regularly opens the main room – that’s right everyone, I know a DJ. Ladies, form a line.

Unfortunately, my minor connection only got me so far and I still had to pay the steep $20 entry, a common cover charge at most Melbourne venues nowadays. Thankfully, Boutique can back it up with its elegant interior – polished floorboards, stone bar tops and vintage stylings. The lights are warm yet dim, casting an ambient glow over the deep reds and striking blacks of the venue. This stylish decor is utterly ruined by the time midnight hits, when the place is crammed with drunk and screaming partygoers, and the dance floor is covered in spilled vodka sunrises and broken glass.

The dress code leans toward the nice-shirt-with-leather-shoes side, which is refreshing to see considering other clubs will let anybody in regardless of their dirt-ridden Vans, fake NBA snapbacks and unironed t-shirts. The slight ‘classiness’ of Boutique (pass the car-donnay, please) suits the generally older crowd of mid-twenty year olds, who awesomely/sadly party as hard as the teenagers.

I have little to no shame, so I will let loose on the d-floor no matter what music is playing. Luckily the speakers were blaring with tunes everybody would love. Great remixes of current chart toppers and commercial house fill the main room, while a more retro R’n’B soundtrack plays in the bold lounge-style area on the side.

For a place of this calibre, obviously there is no such thing as a drink special here. So expect to pay heftily for your beverages. That heartbreaking feeling of handing over your last remaining note, only to get back a saucer of two silver coins is pretty much a guarantee. Or you can be as lucky as me, and have some stranger who is trying to impress your friend, buy you and all of your group drinks for the night. Thanks random dude. Does it make me a bad person in accepting? I wasn’t spiked, so I suppose all is well.

The tiny outdoor area is probably the biggest letdown, as there’s no way to really escape the craziness inside. Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised by the great night I had. If you’re up for a lively, fun and decent Saturday night out, and have a few extra dollars to burn, Boutique is definitely the way to go.

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