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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Black Coffee Lyrics

Upstairs Centre Arcade, 3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd
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Black Coffee Lyrics is a place for all who are after a bit of something different. We specialise in boutique products from Australia and around the globe. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8am till midnight we have live music Thursday to Sunday every week. It’s mostly live jazz

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Black Coffee Lyrics Review

Review by Emma Willemsen

Sometimes the best places are the secret ones…

Well that is certainly the case of Black Coffee Lyrics. Tucked away upstairs of the Centre Arcade on Surfers Paradise Boulevard, this little hot spot is one for the locals as you wouldn’t find it by touring the main streets of Surfers.

The tapas restaurant and bar is filled with non-matching antique furniture and a wood oak interior that defines the venues character as “alternative” and “cool”, the kind of place where the walls are covered with gig-guides and unconventional works of art.

Every detail about the place compliments the other, with no strict rules of operation or uniform for that matter. The staff wear casual clothing to suit their personal style, not to mention showing off their ink.

They’re all so friendly and laid back that you shouldn’t be surprised if they sit down and have a chat with you – they’re just those kinds of people.

You’ll most likely find yourself surrounded with company just like the staff who are of various ages and express individual style and personalities.

Black Coffee Lyrics, or BCL to the locals, has a somewhat small but authentic food choices that are just as healthy as they are delicious. You can get chicken Panini with their house garden salad for around $14 with many of the other menu items ranging from around $14-19.

Or for those who are not so calorie-conscious there are house chips on the menu as well as the wood-fired pizza’s, which are amazing!

As for the bar? You’ll be impressed by the range of rum, bourbon and whisky that they have, with the staff actually knowing what they’re talking about. The menu is divided into drink choices by what you like whether its tequila or gin that range in prices from $14-$18 for the ‘regular’ cocktails.

As for the others, there’s some extra special cocktails such as the ‘Professor Ron Zacapa’ made with Ron Zacapa 23rd year old rum priced at $26 or the ‘Illegally Consumed Cocktail’ made using Illegal Resposado Mescal for around $40. But don’t forget that it is called Black COFFEE Lyrics for a reason!

For the coffee lovers the ‘Signature Expresso Martini’ is a must try as well as the other house coffee inspired cocktails such as the ‘Prohibition Iced Tea’, ‘Sea Dog’ or the ‘Café Royale’.

Now there are two ways you can view this place with what I like to call ‘two little monsters”, the day vs. the night. During the day, the venue marks a cute little coffee spot that’s great for a lunch meal and even a drink or two, whilst the night is great for taste-testing majority of the cocktails amongst the more happening atmosphere.

As they’re open from 10am till normally around 11pm, there’s plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere, grab a bite and trial that extensive drinks menu!

Black Coffee Lyrics marks a great hotspot for those in-the-know of one of Surfer’s best kept secrets.

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