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Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende

265 – 276 Ebenezer Place, Rundle Street, Adelaide ,SA
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The Belgian Beer Cafe is a small pub off Rundle Street in the East End which serves quality imported Belgian beers for a reasonable price. The crowd love being there to soak up the atmosphere and spending money on quality beers served in different glasses according to brand. There are DJs on Fri and Sat nights, no drink specials, but a great kicked-back atmosphere surrounded by a lovely building with Belgian flavour.

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Review of The Belgian Beer Cafe

Review By Laura Fazekas

Ever wanted to take a trip to Belgium? The just head to The Belgian Beer Cafe in Adelaide to get the same experience without the price tag! Tucked neatly off the end of Rundle St, The Belgian Beer Cafe is simply that – a bar/cafe which serves a wide variety of Belgium’s finest beers. The place is decked out Belgian style, with traditional decor upstairs and down, so you really feel as though it’s not any regular pub.

By the way, drinks don’t come cheap. Because they are all imported from Belgium, most schooners are $7.90, but they do contain more alcohol than most regular beers. The bottles beers range from $8-$15, so be prepared for an expensive night, but well worth it if this is your style and flavour. The Belgian Beer Cafe follow rituals of presentation, with each beer brand presented in a different glass designed to enhance the beer’s individual appearance and flavour.The drinks are rarely on special, usually just one schooner for $6.50 will be the best on offer. But the beers really are quality and match lovely with the food and feel of the place.

The Belgian Beer Cafe has a resident DJ on Friday and Saturday nights to keep the crowd entertained and creates a slightly upbeat atmosphere with more dancing and less talking/chilling. There is a function room upstairs called Oostende’s (a Belgian city), which caters for groups and birthdays, and a ‘Forbidden’ Cocktail Lounge Bar which provides a modern and contemporary Belgian style.

My experiences at The Belgian Beer Cafe have been quite limited, as I am not a keen beer drinker. However, I always hear great things from relaxed older male friends who enjoy quality beers at a quality venue. I did have my work Christmas party there one year, which was catered for beautifully. We created most of the atmosphere ourselves, being loud and having fun in the festive time of the year, but the rest of the crowd was very chilled and easy-going about what we were doing. It was great to sample some beers from Belgium (even though it isn’t my thing) and interact with a different bunch of people (who loved having a big group of female retail workers to hang out with).

All in all, The Belgian Beer Cafe is a very authentic, quieter Belgian beer bar with expensive, but quality and imported, beers and a comfortable male pub atmosphere. Definitely a place to check out for a different taste in clubbing in SA.

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