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Our mission was to create and serve only the finest drinks to a discerning crowd, who appreciate the quality of their drinks. BarNone aims to inspire a new drinking culture where the quality of the ingredients reigns and the craft of the bartender is recognised. Our highly skilled and well trained floor staff and bartenders know all the products on our list well and can offer recommendations and assistance with your drink selection. From within our wine list we can offer you a choice from over 250 wines from around the world and locally, Victorian wine featuring predominantly. The wines available range from $28 to $365 and feature some of the finest and most recognised wines in the world. If you have any queries, please ask our staff or ask to speak to Michael.

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Review By Sophie Truter

Nestled away in a basement off Burke Road Camberwell, BarNone offers an exclusive invite to those who are clever enough to have taken the time to seek out its location.

After sauntering down a dark sidewalk to find an unmarked doorway leading to basement stairs you may be asking yourself, should I really be walking into this dark grey building? Is this the right place? Or where the hell am I? Let me alleviate your confusion, [or for those of you who are afraid of dark side-streets, let me alleviate your fear]. Take a deep breath, walk down the stairs and open the door because I assure you, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

BarNone is an open lounge room that offers a great selection of wines, beers, mocktails and cocktails. The drinks menu is extensive and offers everything from Tequila shots, semi-sav’s, espresso martini’s, and even cocktail glasses full of Maltesers. Costs are reasonable ranging from expected to expensive, however they do tend to lean towards the more costly end of the price spectrum. If you want to woo the hot date you’ve brought along you can splurge on an expensive quality wine or if you are just after a few drinks with friends in a casual and relaxed environment there is no need to panic too much about empting your bank account after purchasing one drink. Realistically, it’s not going to be an overly cheap night but for a place so unique it’s worth an extra penny for a great cocktail and friendly service.

When it comes to ordering the next round don’t worry about having to get up out of your comfy lounge chair to purchase your next scotch or Bloody-Mary, the wait staff will ensure your glass is always freshened, providing attentive and friendly floor service. The craft of the bar tenders and sociable service ensures all you have to do is sit back and enjoy sipping on your Tom Collins.

Al Capone would have been quite at home sitting in this lounge drinking his Moonshine Whisky. Not that I am suggesting BarNone is a magnet for rich and corrupt gangster’s, but this place feels exclusive. The fact that the bar is hidden away from the main shopping strip and can only be found by those who actively seek its locality makes you feel as though you are apart of a select crowd. The atmosphere inside is relaxed, it’s casual yet classy. The bar has effortless charm with its comfy couches, discreet lighting and well stocked bar, all of which operate under a faint indie-pop soundtrack. The only catch is that if you are a smoker you’d probably be able to get your nicotine hit just by standing in the pint-sized smoking area. This is a positive if you are wanting to save on cigarette costs, however for those of you who aren’t smokers steer clear of the narrow and cramped outside area or your asthma will flare-up within seconds.

Boys just a heads up, if you are on the prowl for ladies BarNone falls short of supply. The bar is occupied mainly by men, which is great if you are a single female or gay, but for those of you who are neither of those you may want to take your chase elsewhere.

Ultimately, BarNone has provided the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with a site for some smooth talking and sweet drinking. It’s a great test of your mapping and geographic skills to find this bar, but once you do make sure you reward your search efforts with a cocktail or two.

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