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Bar Luca

52 Phillip St, Sydney, NSW
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A contemporary elegant style, you will feel comfortable at any time of the day or night. our staff are fully trained professionals to ensure the service you receive is second to none. With a sense of style, elegance and uncompromising service, bar Luca provides for a night to remember and is a great place to hold your next corporate or social event.

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What to Expect @ Bar Luca

Review by Kassia Byrnes

Since starting different Uni course and new jobs it’s practically impossible to get a large group of my friends together at the same time. We finally managed to pull it off and we really wanted to try somewhere new, so we decided on Bar Luca.

Not realising how long a walk it is from one end of George Street to the other we skipped the bus and took off on foot. Bar Luca is just off George Street down the Circular Quay end so it wasn’t surprising the typical attire changed from everyday trendy to suited up. Walking into the bar, we immediately realized we didn’t belong here. There were a lot of people in suits who had just finished work, but we were dressed nicely, and there were other people looking very casual, so that wasn’t the problem. It was more that everyone here was at least 30 years older than us and obviously tagged us as outsiders.

We’d walked so far we ignored this fact and took a seat in one of the cute green and white striped booths. It’s a simple but stylish place; I couldn’t help likening its appearance to a more sophisticated Lone Star. The atmosphere was relaxed with small groups of people obviously catching up after a weeks work. Even the slightly funky elevator music playing in the background suggested relaxation.

Bar Luca also serves food and after a long walk, we were hungry. A main course is priced between $15 and $20, a reasonable price for the top quality. There’s not much on the menu for a vegetarian but my meat-inclined friends assure me I was missing out. What I do know is the wedges are delicious.

The cocktail list is short and simple, but for $15 I got one of the tastiest drinks I’ve had for a long time. Or you could pick one of the wines from a very long list all about $9 for a glass. The Bar tenders are efficient and we weren’t left waiting for long, but they don’t give out a very friendly vibe. I’m not sure if they didn’t want us there or they just didn’t want to be there themselves, but they didn’t make me want to race back.

Bar Luca is defiantly a quality place, but maybe one I’ll wait a few years before trying again.

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