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B Confidential Burlesque Club

445 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill, QLD
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Brisbane newest and most unique Burlesque club and restaurant experience, offering a fun and friendly environment suitable for both men and women alike. Relax and enjoy a drink at the bar or a sumptuous culinary delight from the extensive menu in the dining area around the central stage.

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What to Expect @ B Confidential Burlesque Club

Review By Casey May

Every guy remembers the first time they saw a naked woman twirl provocatively around a fireman’s pole. Well, I’m guessing, because although this was my first strip club experience, I’m actually a woman.

I headed to B Confidential in Spring Hill, Brisbane on Saturday night with two guy friends who were more than willing to escort me, so I didn’t look like a pervert in the back row with a note pad. I knew we would enjoy the club as soon as they said “free entry”.

I thought strip clubs were dark and required you to enter through narrow passageways until you actually get to see the girls, but here you walk right into them! Gorgeous girls are constantly performing with themes (such as burlesque) in an intimate setting rather than up on a stage so high your neck hurts. As I walked towards the bar under a row of chandeliers I realised there was not one Barbie doll with bolt-ons in sight!

The clientele ranged from 20 to 60 year olds, male and female, singles and groups. We sat down at a table and realised the couple (yes, couple) next to us were enjoying a steak – it turns out B Confidential is a restaurant as well. With over 31 meals to choose from, $15 Entrees and $30 steaks. We had a delicious pizza with our moderately priced drinks; here you can enjoy a live band, dinner and a show!

What ever your preference, brunette, blonde, slim, curvy these beautiful girls are just like the ones your trying to pick up on a Saturday night… only the probability of you seeing them naked is much higher.

Just so we are clear, I’m straight, but I must admit when Candis, the stunning redhead, did her tricks on the pole to Alice Coopers ‘Poison’, even my jaw dropped. As if I wasn’t already questioning my sexuality, along came Jordan, who is also a mechanic (your foaming at the mouth right now aren’t you?). She took me back to a petitioned section where I got my first lap dance (prices start from $50) where the fellow customers stared in awe, strange what gets you guys going.

If you’re after great atmosphere to watch the State of Origin, or a buck’s party that has girlfriend approval (no toy shows or open leg work), where you can watch a teasing display of girl on girl, and see the buck get spanked with a paddle, or compete in the 80 player poker tournament on Tuesday nights then this is the place for you!

Unlike our comparison destination, ‘Show Girls’, were my male companions acted like bored, sulking children. There are no roided up bouncers watching your every move, the girls actually come up and have a conversation with you rather than just shouting lap dance prices like your at a meat market. The music varies from live bands, DJ, Jazz and oldies. This cosy bar would be great as a starting point, ending point or to chill out all night long.

So take your ‘Show Girls’ $15 entry fee and catch a cab to B Confidential in Spring Hill, for the best time you’ll have with clothes on.

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