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Archer Hotel

60 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, SA
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An icon in the heart of North Adelaide. Retaining the charm and character of its previous inhibitors, a Lutheran Church Library, offices, bank and even a radio station, the Archer has kept its Heritage intact. One venue – so much to offer. With 13 beers on tap and an extensive range in bottles, the Archer has a cocktail bar upstairs and a well rounded wine selection. With its old-meets-new eating and bar areas, there is a spot here to suit everyone. Among its treasures, a beautiful beer garden, cosy lounge room, large balcony, fully functional fireplaces, a charming original wooden staircase and outdoor dining on both O’Connell and Archer streets. While you’re here however make sure you take a peek at our fine dining restaurant

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Review of The Archer Hotel

Review By Laura Fazekas

Residing in Adelaide’s newest hot night strip, North Adelaide, sits quite a few large 2-story venues, one being The Archer. The Archer is a very aesthetically appealing venue, an icon even. It retains the charm of past inhibitors, being a library, office space, bank and even a radio station. The Archer has kept its heritage intact, with exposed brickwork inside which gives it a ‘work in progress’ feel, along with the visible drainage and air-conditioning ducts. There is also a beautiful beer garden and a great wooden staircase to add to the old-meets-new funky feel.One of the best (hidden) spots in The Archer is The Library, a fine dining restaurant upstairs decked out with bookshelves, running ladder, working fireplaces and original wooden floors. This sets the mood and proves there is a place in The Archer to suit everyone’s tastes.

But enough about the amazing look of The Archer… everyone wants to know how the atmosphere and drinks are inside, right? Well The Archer has 13 beers on tap and even more in bottles, and they do the famous burger and beer offer for just $15! Now for the ladies, The Archer runs 2-for-1 cocktails upstairs on Friday nights at the cocktail bar, the perfect spot to relax in the lounges or look out on the balcony.

I’ve been to The Archer for a couple of birthdays, some even on weeknights, and they are always great. The atmosphere is quite pumping and young on Saturday nights with hot local DJs featuring upstairs most weekends, while downstairs is more relaxed and a slightly older crowd.

One birthday I attended was booked out the whole balcony upstairs, so we had a great set up with nibbles, plenty of cocktails and the great DJ inside. I will always remember standing out on the busy balcony and looking inside and the bartender was standing on the bar in a massive flame with a crowd watching in awe! He was creating giant flaming shots for my birthday girl friend and she was amazed. Things like this make another typical pub stand out as a great club in my opinion.

The Archer is only open til midnight on weeknights, and 2am on weekends though which is kind of a downer. As most places in North Adelaide close around this time, everyone usually makes the trek down the hill past the hospital (or forks out for a cab ride) to get into town.

The Archer is a relatively new hot nightspot amongst younger clubbers, bringing in a new atmosphere and well-known DJs. I believe The Archer’s reputation will continue to grow and it’s great how it caters for different tastes depending on which part of the club you choose to spend the night in. Definitely make the effort to make your way to North Adelaide and check out The Archer on your next random night into town with any group of friends.

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