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Amplifier Capitol Nightclub

385 Murray St, Perth, WA
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There are so many ways to describe this place, however the most fitting words are simple… LIVE MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

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Amplifier Capitol Review

Review By Michelle Krish

Affectionately known as ‘Caps’, it’s the place to be seen at on a Saturday night amongst young hipsters (and those that wish that they were)!

Capitol is utilized as a prime venue for midweek band concerts and Friday nights is Retro Mash night, with pop tunes of today and the noughties it is a night of good old fun. With the doors opening at 10:00pm, entry is free before 11:00pm and $10 thereafter. On Saturdays, Death Disco is the name and that’s the aim of the game, with the DJ spinning house tracks all night the club is filled to the brim with girls in chic dresses and metro lads till the wee hours of the morning. With a cover charge of $10 before 11:00pm and $15 thereafter, get in early – the line could potentially be a sobering experience. Featuring two main bars, one running along the dancefloor and the other situated in the raised lounge area, they are both staffed by friendly and efficient bar staff, making getting drinks not such a hassle having to fight through a crowd only to be ignored. The atmosphere is electric, loud and comfortable.

The lounge area equipped with black leather lounges and plush red carpeting and stools allows club goers the chance to have a disco nap and then pick up right where they left off! And once the dancefloor is thumping with body heat, staff will eventually open the adjoining door leading to Amplifier, allowing a flow between both venues.

Capitol is for the nights you want to dance the night away, with it definitely being the type of club you end you night at!

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A 2nd Amplifier Capitol Review

Review By Leanne Tay

When deciding to have a messy night out, Amplifier Capitol nightclub should always be on the list of potential destinations to head to. Located in the main party district of Perths CBD and boldly highlighted by its large signs and even larger lines it is definitely a hard one to miss.

It is essentially two clubs in one. Both very diverse yet strangely complementing. Each weekend Amps Caps attracts the young and restless youngens from all over Perth. Generally I’d say from just being in the line the crowd seems to range from 18 to early 20’s. From 10pm onwards they swarm in and quickly build the que at the entrances so it is a good idea to get there early to avoid the wait. At the Capitol entrance, which is located at the front of the club, there is a short but sound process of ID checking and scanning with a general cover charge of $10.

I have to point out that even though the place operates like one colossal club there is a distinct departure from one to the other. The separation is made even clearer by the two completely different decors and entrances. There are entrances for both Amplifier and Capitol. Depending on which club you prefer to enter into initially. Both lines are equally as long as the other.

Once you enter through the double doors of Capitol, you are immediately confronted by an array of flashing LED lights and fast paced electro house music. I immediately got into the swing of things and eased into the atmosphere. Naturally, the bar was the first place to hit. The drinks are all moderately priced, all nearing around the $10 mark. As I stand at the bar and look across the dance floor and eye the sea of Caps goers, the main visual is rowdy t-shirt and jeans wearing boys. Suffice to say the boy girl ratio is a little uneven in this joint. Just sightly though. I was made to feel like I perhaps had an inch too much material wrapped around me after seeing girls walk past who redefined the mini dress. Here’s a fun question, how short is too short? Answer: When the bottom inch of your backside is showing as you bend over to order a drink then maybe a sartorial reassessment is in order. At least this explains the tilted ratio.

The whole of Capitol can get relatively crowded as evidence from the lengthy lines outside. So be prepared to sift through the masses, get knocked or have a drink accidentally added as part of your ensemble.

Fans of old school 80s tracks should make their way upstairs. This seemed more my cup of tea that night and by the beginning I was enjoying “Like a Prayer” and by the end I was dancing and belting out to Rick Astley. The vibe seemed much more relaxed upstairs where the lighting was more ambient and laidback with plenty of seating for those just wanting to chill out.

If you have had enough of the electro and house, Amplifier would be a wise choice to go next. The inside looks as though you have just stepped into an artist’s loft. I was impressed to hear the likes of Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins in the air. It is a near perfect atmosphere to indulge in some indie and alternative music over a cold brew.

As 4am rolls round the place begins to empty and with barely any girls left, the bars are littered with the seedy males who are now forced to hurry their actions before the last of the females exit. Minus this from the equation and you have got yourself a top night at Amplifier Capitol. As per usual.

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