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Ambar Nightclub

104 Murray Street, Perth, WA
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Voted the number 1 nightclub in the Perth Dance Music Awards ’03,’04,’05 ’06, ’07 and ’08, and number 42 in the world (DJ Mag) by an array of international DJs, Ambar continues to strive in its efforts to bring you the biggest names and the hottest nights! Its the most sought after ticket in town, have you got yours?

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Ambar Nightclub Review

Review By Hamish Hastie

Welcome to the underground. Welcome to a place where you take the red and blue pill,a place where minimalist is more, a place where sneakers are not frowned upon, aplace where dance music is taken to new heights (or lows). Welcome to Ambar.

A late night club to the east of Perth’s CBD, this place is not for the faint ofheart. It resides, down a seedy laneway and hollowed out under an unsuspectedbuilding with only a bouncer and open door alerting you of its presence. It’ssimple, like a cave furnished with sitting, dancing, drinking and snookerfacilities. Ambient yellow and red light and pictures of night animals on the wallset the mood here, a mood which I’m still trying to comprehend…

The music is dirty and stays true to the underground nature of Ambar. Anything fromtechno, electro, house and prog house will be heard in this rabbit hole, a nicheplaylist to say the least. I love the odd and dark side of dance so I love Ambar butif you’re into top 40 hits, steer clear.

If you want to join a discernable crowd, drink the finest drinks and discuss thecurrent political climate of the Republic of Congo, Ambar should be last on yourlist. Here you’ll find a crowd with music, alcohol and pharmaceuticals on theirmind. Pheromones are high and aggression is minimal (but there’s always a fewdickheads) and dance floor antics are encouraged. Everyone is fresh out of being 18and are on the road to the high 20’s. Rat tails and skate shoes will ensure you willlook out of place (and maybe not even get in).

Drinks are reasonable with beers being around the $7 mark and spirits $8 andabove. A cover charge is probably the worst thing about this place because at timesit’s a bit hefty (depending on who’s DJing on the night – $10 and above). However,once your inside you can soak up the sheer energy this place has to offer, it’ssmall and hot and you can’t help but to get out on the dance floor and embarrassyourself.

Everyone is wild here and out for a late night and early morning. Like I said, Ilove this place because it caters for my taste in music, but it is a specific tasteand if you’re looking for a club to dance to the radio in -stay in Northbridge. Ifyou love the unexplored areas of dance, come here. This music was intended to beplayed in a surrounding like Ambar and I for one am stoked that Perth has it. Nexttime it’s late and you’re in Perth looking for something to do, give Ambar a go andexpand your musical palette.

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