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Northbridge, Perth

Air Nightclub

139 James St, Northbridge
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Take a deep breath, step aboard and prepare to be blown away. From the stylish design and elegant decor, to the friendly and efficient service from our skilled cabin crew, Air offers a unique experience that is dedicated to being the best.

Outstanding in-flight entertainment delivered through state of the art technology will delight your senses while our unrivalled commitment to safety confirms Air as your ultimate after-dark destination.

Air is the complete nightclub experience that will have you flying first class. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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Air Nightclub Review

Review By Tom Zaunmayr

When you walk into an upmarket nightclub the usual buzzwords flaunting the place are contemporary, modern, niche etc. There seems to be a fine tuned set of rules defining how to make an up market venue work… one nightclub has most definitely challenged this mold.

Usually when you walk into a club early you stand around bored for a few hours. Air in Northbridge is a little different though. Two secluded bars – one upstairs and one outside make the venue a surprisingly great place to have pres, and when you’re ready to go out… you’re already there!

As you walk in you instantly feel a difference. Forget modern – Air is the future. Everything about the club is shimmering. The entrance leads you into a world of glimmering bars, glittering walls and floors. Even the golden toilet entrances are pleasing to the eyes! The lighting is well thought out; vibrant mixes of red and blue shoot around the large room dancing with the elegant cocktail shelves and reflective features.

Due partly to the dress standards (collars for the guys) most of the less acceptable crowd never get to see the inside. Air attracts a very good crowd – sophisticated without being elitist or snobby, it’s perfect! Despite the upmarket nature, anyone with a mature enough mindset is more than welcome. The easygoing patrons make for a pleasant atmosphere.

As the crowds roll in – and they really do flock in numbers – the energy inside Air really picks up. A huge sound system drives out the latest in electro, house and top 40 tunes to the well dressed and courteous revelers on the dance floor. The floor itself is full without being packed; there’s always room to get some Air (pun intended). Remarkably – in what is surely a first for Perth clubbing – the floors are not sticky or full of broken glass!

For the guys – there are a lot of girls in Air, although mostly of a less promiscuous, more flirtatious nature. And for the girls – all the guys are well dressed, well groomed and quite respectful. If you’re over sleaze, arrogance & pig-headedness then you’ve hit the jackpot at Air!

Of course, every great nightclub needs a great drinks menu, and Air’s lineup is mind blowing. They have beers to suit tight budgets and sophisticated palates. The wine list suits anyone from uni students to mining company execs – right up to $750 if you dare! The cocktail list is non-existent… but ask for anything you can imagine and the well trained bar staff will mix it. We tried everything from Zombies to the most expensive Gin Martini on offer – every drink was exceptional. If you can’t decide, just ask the bar staff to surprise you!

Air Nightclub has set a new standard for nightclubbing in Perth. The crowds don’t lie: Air has become an absolute hit with all those who are sick of seedy, arrogant & tense clubbing atmospheres. Even the most die hard anti-clubbers can’t help but feel a little faith restored in the Perth clubbing scene.

After all, Air is a necessity of life!

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