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Academy Nightclub

29 Garema Pl, Canberra, ACT
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Best Entertainment Venue (National), Best Late Night Entertainment (A.C.T), People’s Choice: Best Nightclub or Bar (A.C.T). Enough said…

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The Academy Nightclub Review

Review By Tara Jane

The Academy experience begins behind a velvet rope, creating an atmosphere of superiority and class which doesn’t necessarily penetrate into the club’s interior. With all velvet rope comes great responsibility, and in order to gain entry you will have to be dressed according to the latest fashions, I mean in smart casual attire. By no means are they completely unreasonable but you won’t get in thongs and boardies. On a Saturday night you will pay entry fee of around $15. If it’s a Ministry night expect to pay more.

There are two main levels to Academy with the lowest providing the most space and entertainment. Giant disco balls adorn the ceiling, and mosaic tiles decorate the main bar. The bar itself long which helps to get drinks in a somewhat orderly fashion. You can order a standard spirit for around $7. The candy bar upstairs provides some fine classy cocktails if you feel like a splurge. Even with an entry fee and average drink prices, if you are careful a night at Academy won’t make you wake up in the morning with a financial hangover.

Behind the main bar you can make yourself comfortable the various lounge areas overlooking the sunken dancefloor. Dancing at Academy is fun and the experience heightened by images on the projector screen accompanying the dj set. The crowd at Academy fluctuates depending what night you go there. The dominant age bracket leans towards early to mid-twenties but all ages are bordering acceptable. All clubs have their loyal and unwavering patrons, and this nightspot is no different. No matter what night you turn up, if you look hard enough, you can spot a herd of sweaty men dancing in sync to the rhythm of the dance floor. These misguided pupil-dilated gents may attempt to dazzle you with their exceptional glow stick manoeuvring skills, you may even hear some say ‘doof doof doof.’ If you glance further into the crowd you may see a flock of hot chicks dancing provocatively trying to avoid accidentally touching one of sweaty ravers. Don’t be put off though, the crowd changes and it’s the type of venue where anyone can fit in. Nestled at the back of the club is The Pod room, a lounge area more suited to conversation, where you can actually hear what people are saying. The Pod room provides the perfect make out room if you feel that way inclined; and for those that don’t it’s an amusing area to watch others lose their dignity.

The modern design and furnishings provide a great venue for gigs and Acad’s is the proud host of the annual Ministry of Sound tours. It hosts RnB nights (multicultural night), Trash Dj Thursdays (students, cheap drinks) and the occasional foam party (enough said). If you like to dance, listen to house, drum and bass, trance, Ministry or classic rock it is worth a visit.

With great decor and style the atmosphere is generally laid back and fun. If you turn up and no-one’s there, try to get over the fact you wasted money on an entry fee to an empty club. Respect the bouncers and they will respect you. If you haven’t been before it is definitely worth checking out.

Academy is like a Crown lager. It’s a little more expensive and classy than a VB, sometimes you love it and other times it can make you feel a little sick.

Highlights: Cloak room, disco balls, projector screen and gigs.

Pitfalls: Not enough female toilets, needs to be busy to be good.

Recommendations: Great night out in Canberra Easter long weekend.

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