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Dedicated to bringing a select range of the world’s best cocktails, beers, spirits and wines, with an emphasis on quality rather than popularity or price. The aim of this venue, quite simply, is to provide an out of the ordinary nightlife experience for you and your guests, and to give you the chance to try new and different drinks from around the globe. The 1907 team have used their national and international experience to create a truly exceptional drinks list, including an original cocktail selection featuring our home made liqueurs, bitters, infused syrups and sorbets, and our special reserve liquor cabinet, which features some of the world´s rarest and oldest whiskies, cognacs and dark rums.

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1907 Bar Review

Review By Bojana Kovacic

Only a gate and a few stairs stand between you and your night of fantastic cocktails and well dressed people. As you first walk into this bar located in the heart of the city, you find yourself in a room full of mirrors and shiny, black leather couches. The walls are completely covered with mirrors which give this initially small room a feel of space and trendiness. The comfy couches allow you and your friends to enjoy a drink and a conversation in style without being overpowered by loud music.

As you pick up the drinks menu there are so many cocktails to choose from… some you never knew existed! At first sight it may seem a bit expensive with cocktails ranging from $18 to $20, and bottles of wine and champagne going up a few hundred dollars. Yes, this may seem like a lot to pay for a glass of alcohol but be assured, there’s more to it than meets the eye… the cocktails are infused with delicious flavours and mixtures that will have your taste buds begging for more… and after two of these lovely little concoctions you will be set for the night…although not big they sure are mighty.

You will find only the best dressed in 1907 as the dress standards are very high… males will be found wearing dress shoes, nice jeans and top or even suits. Girls will be seen in nice, fashionable dresses, dressy shoes and clean done up hair and make-up. The crowd is a mixture of young and older but all sophisticated or at least on their best behaviour.

You will not find drunk and disorderly teenagers causing trouble or being annoying… only polite people who you can actually have a proper conversation with, without being tempted to walk away from them! The atmosphere is very relaxed and you can walk through without having people jumping in your face or furiously bumping into you…

For a night of class and glamour 1907 has it all!

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1907 Bar Review

Review By Leanne Tay

There has been a sudden almost stunning shift of popularity towards small yet mysteriously intriguing bars lately it seems barely noticeable. Undoubtedly one of the best Perth has to offer is the 1907 cocktail bar awkwardly hidden down the alleyway on Queens street. Its reputation has been on a high for a while now.

With hardly any signs or warning as to where the bar is actually located it was not an easy place to find. Though that can be blamed on me being a tad less observant than the norm. But the clue to finding this discreet little place is the suavely dressed bouncer standing in front of a large black gate. After an easy show of the ID and no cover charge you are on your way in no time. With 1907 restaurant placed above ground, there are a couple of stairs to climb down before you reach the bar.

Once you walk in you are immediately swept into the atmosphere. The lights are dim and cleverly placed, the colour scheme is warming and you feel like you may have just walked into the middle of a Manhattan Upper East Side event. The mellow sounds of arty funk music also help. With closer inspection 1907 bar is in fact not very spacey, however the walls are lined with mirrors which run around the entire place. Not a bad way to create the illusion of more room I say.

There is no set dress code or rules that are laid out for 1907 but by word of mouth which I will pass on right here, it seems the crowd who decides to roll in knows to lean towards their more polished gear from their wardrobe. The men are in their swankiest dress shirts and pants, and shined up black shoes while the ladies are in beautiful cocktails dresses and sky-high heels. I dressed in accordance to this universally understood but unsaid dress code so I felt right at home.

I was there rather early so the guests were more of the maturer ‘after work’ crew. But later in the night the young twenty-somethings started to creep in. By 10pm the bar is tightly packed and filled with various sophisticated individuals socialising and sipping cocktails.

Other than the gorgeous mansion-like decor, 1907 is also widely known for its extensively delectable cocktail menu. I sometimes found myself spending more time on the menu than the actual beverage. The bartenders that are recruited are friendly, professional and also not at all bad to look at either which is definitely a bonus. One drawback though is because the bar gets so jam-packed, it did take while to attract speedy service. So I’d recommend ordering in bulk to avoid an empty hand and minor frustration.

I decided to begin with the most ordered cocktail, the Passion Fruit & Vanilla Martini ($19). I got to say the first sip almost brings me a little closer heaven. Expect to spend a pretty quid in this place if you plan to stay long. As the cocktails start from $18, the menu does empty your wallet quite swiftly. But because most of them are so exceptionally made and served the worth it factor does trump that fact ever so slightly.

1907 cocktail bar faired quite well in my books. With a sometimes too overly packed venue and costly menu being it’s only downsides, it is worth popping in and lavishing yourself with the sumptuous decor and ambiance over one or several of the delicious drinks they have to offer.

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