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Watershed Hotel

Shop 198, Darling Harbour, NSW
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Home to a host of mouthwatering cocktails with equally desirable tasty bar nibbles. Recline in style, catch up and kick back while you listen to the funky tunes playing in the early evening. Featuring a fabulous weekly entertainment line up in a relaxing harbourside location, the ambience encourages long nights and long drinks!

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Watershed Hotel Review

Review By Kelly Teng

When I first stepped into the Watershed, I immediately stepped out after I had purchased my drinks because the place to be in the Watershed is actually at the outdoor seating. With its harbour views and diverse atmosphere, the Watershed is definitely the place to be if you want a great evening.

The inside of the Watershed is fairly standard: there’s a bar, TV screens, and tables where people can talk and enjoy their drinks. The DJs spin fairly good music, and the bartenders are quick, efficient, and friendly. However, for a university student like me, a big no-no for any bar or nightclub is expensive drinks…and the Watershed’s drinks – while they are not as expensive as say, The Ivy – are not uni-student friendly. The bar does have a large selection though, and for beer fans: there’s Erdinger beer, which is always a plus.

One of the best things about The Watershed (and believe me, this is a strange thing) is the size of their bathrooms. Often in bars and nightclubs, the actual bar and dance-floor will be great, but the bathrooms are so small that it becomes impossible to avoid standing in the queue for a ridiculously long time. This isn’t a problem at The Watershed, with its large and clean bathrooms that are always spotlessly maintained. This goes for the rest of the place too: all of the tables are kept clean and floor staff will always collect your empty glasses quickly.

As for the crowd that goes there… it’s a fairly diverse range of people of all ages and all backgrounds, which makes it a great location to meet new and exciting people. Whether you go to the Watershed for a night of watching sport, or to dance and have a raging night, this location is flexible and caters to your needs, and you will always be able to find someone else that has the same interests as you or who you get along with. It’s also a fairly great place to take a potential date for a drink or two, as the waterfront views allow for a romantic and lovely evening.

So regardless of what you’re looking for in a night, you will probably be able to find it at the Watershed. Just remember to bring a lot of money if you’re there for drinks, because the chances are… you will need it.

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