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The Shed is an exciting and popular venue and plays a big part in Perth’s social scene. We offer a different level of world-class clubbing, serving Perth’s night time tribes with a lineup of the best local live bands and DJ’s. A stylish and exciting Multipurpose Venue, the Shed’s Australian theme, evokes a atmosphere of modern Australian glamour and style.

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What to Expect @ The Shed

By Shaun Morris

My first view of The Shed was probably the most memorable experience of the night.

“Hey, Shaun,” my friend drunkenly slurred to me as we strolled down the middle of Perth’s largest clubbing district, Aberdeen Street. “Yeah?” I replied, still stumbling along. “Why is there a windmill in the middle of the city?”

I looked, flabbergasted by the almost insane display before me.

“Sir,” I said to my friend, pulling myself to the tallest of heights. “We shall investigate further.”

The decor of The Shed certainly lives up to its name. As a centralised outdoor club, it has an outback rustic theme throughout. However, don’t let the rustic setting fool you; this is still a modern club with an impressive sized dance floor and bar located in the undercover back area, with the open areas (inhabited by the unruly smokers) towards the front of the club housing their own two outdoor bars.

This in turn creates an amazing atmosphere for the club. On Friday and Saturday night’s the venue begins with a live music set, which to be honest is nothing special, playing AC/DC, Blink 182 and all of the other mid 90’s hits that most of the club’s 20 – 35 year old crowd know well. The in-house band delivers well with an amazing performance that gets the crowd geared up for the party. The party continues after the set, with the DJ taking over and the projectors being lowered into a modern club format.

The drinks were well priced, with my particular favourite (the Jacks and coke) at a reasonable $5.50, with other assorted mixes at around the same price (American honey, screwdriver, Black Russian). The cheapest pint was Toohey’s Extra Dry ($8.00) with other pints ranging around the ten dollar mark. Jager bombs were an expensive $14.00, but that didn’t stop us from dropping a few each.

The only thing bad that I could say about The Shed was the toilets. I honestly felt as though I had travelled back into the early settler times, well before hygiene became a prominent factor in society. This wasn’t exactly a surprise in a busy club and apart from that minor setback, I would say that The Shed is an excellent club with a great atmosphere, and a great place to spend a Friday night in.

On an end note, I would just like to give a shout out to the amazing staff at The Shed, for keeping a considerably cooler head then mine in a crisis situation. My girlfriend fell down some of the stairs in the smoking area and fractured her ankle (I know, high heels right – ergh.). Two bouncers had her off the floor and into a back room in minutes, followed up by a precursory look over by a first aid officer and into a taxi on the way to the hospital. Because of the staff’s speedy actions, you may well have saved my lady months of pain. So a final thanks to the amazing staff.

A 2nd Look @ The Shed

By Andrea Downey

Situated in Northbridge, the clubbing central of Perth, is The Shed: a lively and upbeat club that provides a little something for everyone, and a place you just don’t want to miss.

Every single time I go to The Shed, without fail, I have a great time. The only downside is the pain I put my feet through as I dance the night away. There is just something about the venue that keeps me going back. The people are great, the music is great, the staff are great, the atmosphere is great… need I say great anymore?

The first thing you will notice when you walk into The Shed is the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is there to have a great time. The awesome atmosphere is only added to by the variety in music played throughout the night. In between the live band playing a variety of old and new rock music, there is upbeat and funky new club music played for those who enjoy to dance, dance, dance! This combination is something that makes The Shed very unique as a lot of venues in Perth seem to miss when it comes to providing music variety.

The successful combination of a party atmosphere with a laid back Australian attitude is aptly displayed with the decor of an old Australian shed. The bars are lined with corrugated iron, there are wooden benches and tables behind the dance floor, there is an old windmill at the front of the venue and there is a post with street signs pointing to where everything is – my personal favourite being the sign pointing to the eating area that reads “paddock”. You literally feel like you are partying in a shed out in the outback. It’s very Australian. Whoever took care of the interior designing of the venue really hit the nail on the head when it came to creating Australian decor.

In union with the Australian theme, The Shed suits absolutely anyone. There is music for the 18-25s and the 25s and over, there is an inside bar near the dance floor for those who can’t stop dancing to go to a bar and there are bars in the outside area for those who want a drink with their cigarette. There is even a quieter place to sit with its own bar for those who want to take a breather and have a conversation. Like I said, there is something for absolutely everyone!

To top off the Australian experience you can’t go past a pint of beer! Prices range from around $8.00 to $12.00, depending on the extravagance of your taste. For those of you, like me, who cannot bring themselves to drink beer there are loads of other options. Most spirit mixers (jacks and coke etc.) start at around $6 and range to about $9 (vodka pineapples and vodka lemonades etc.) and if you’re really rich vodka red bulls are about $12.

The next time you go into Northbridge don’t give The Shed a miss. You will have so much fun! It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there will always be something to suit you and your friends at The Shed.

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