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The Wheatsheaf Hotel

39 George St, Thebarton, SA
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At the Wheatsheaf Hotel, we like to keep things simple. You won’t find pokies, flatscreens, cocktails or RTDs at The Wheaty. You will find a pub that keeps beer real, wine independent, whisky odd, music live and art public. Think front bar pool table, darts, quality microbrews, distinctive whiskies, good coffee, eclectic original live music, monthly art exhibitions, plenty of couches, a real beer garden, a semi-enclosed dedicated band room and open fires in winter.

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The Wheatsheaf Hotel Review

Written by Karolina Firman

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, more commonly known as the ‘Wheatey”, is perhaps my favourite bar in Adelaide.

First off the atmosphere is great, there’s a lot of seating and open areas. As well as an outdoor area, for live performances and bands. Speaking of performances, there wasn’t a performance occurring the night that I drank there, but they have a range of performances throughout the year.

Ranging from jazz-skat, rockabilly, country and everything in between so maybe check out a show while you’re there. They also showcase local artists, and host exhibitions with art styles as widely ranging as the music they showcase.

As for the drinks, basically order any beer and you can be fairly certain it’ll be great. If you can’t make a decision about what you want, depending on whose serving you, you can be fairly vague in your description of what you want.

This led me into trying a very nice amber ale, called Irony Ale, brewed on the premises as they have been doing so since early 2014. Said ale has a great light flavour, with higher fruity notes. I would greatly recommend this ale, and from what I tried of some my companions beers the quality is standard of their brews. That being said they also have a range of bottled beers, if you don’t fancy trying one of their personal brews.

For those that are not beer drinkers, they also have a range of wines, and whiskeys. Of which I can’t give too much of a description as I am most assuredly a beer drinker, but from those that I was drinking with they come highly recommended.

Unfortunately the Wheatsheaf Hotel, does not do food, but there is a Mexican food food truck outside. Basically this is the kind of place you come to have a nice drink, and hang out with friends, but maybe get dinner elsewhere beforehand.

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