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The Regatta Hotel

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Since being refurbished, Brisbane has come back to the Regatta in droves, positioning the Hotel as one of Brisbane’s favourite entertainment venues. The Regatta’s spirit and identity as the Queen of the Brisbane river has been revived with a fresh new entertainment program including live music, tasty new food menus, from brunch, lunch and dinner; and a continuous string of party events and promotions. The Regatta Hotel has re-emerged as the Queen of the Brisbane River with a huge beer garden, a themed restaurant, open-planned bar and entertainment areas, and a sleek new cut-away cocktail bar and gaming lounge to replace the basement level that once housed stockmen’s cattle.

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The Regatta Hotel Review

Review by Julia Bartrim

The heritage listed Regatta in Toowong has re-opened its doors after a 14 month flood-induced hiatus. With a multi-million dollar makeover, it has changed dramatically and arguably for the better.

Those who knew it, pre-flood, as a uni student hangout will be surprised to find the stainless steel interior and gimmicky see-through bathroom walls are a thing of the past. Instead the Regatta has been reinvented into a very elegant, stylish pub that reflects the venue’s heritage.

The interior is now dominated by old crumbling brick walls and wide timber flooring. The colour scheme is simple: white, black and browns and the walls are hung with black and white photographs. Small tables and soft-backed chairs are scattered about the main floor and extend out onto the back deck. The feeling is of spaciousness and high ceilings, with the open-plan area on the main floor enclosing the large rectangular bar.

The lighting is warm and the atmosphere is convivial, and relaxed. Most of the patrons are in their late 20s and 30s and casually dressed. On a Saturday night, the buzz of conversation is loud, backed up by a track of pop music.

Upstairs, discretely tucked away, are a couple of pokies rooms, as well as private function rooms and another bar. Here it is quieter and you can access arguably one of the Regatta’s most appealing features, the wide wooden verandas with the white cast iron lacing, which encircle the pub. Unfortunately the charm of the Regatta is not reflected by its surroundings – the view out the back is of a Choice Liquor complex and car park. The front veranda, looking out over the black waters of the Brisbane River offers the best view but it appears to be reserved for private functions.

The renovations have seen the dance floor, which used to be next the main bar, replaced by tables and chairs, suggesting that the Regatta has chosen to cater for a different, older clientele.

There is a good selection of beers on tap including a range of premium brands as well as standards (a Tooheys will cost you around $5.80/schooner). Pre-mixed drinks cost around $9.00 and a vodka and orange around $7.00.

You will find an ATM on the premises and the dress code is casual to smart casual. Despite the cold air flowing in, it is very snug indoors.

I would recommend the Regatta for a relaxed night out. The owners have really gone to a lot of trouble to create a special place with some really appealing touches like the beautiful patterned wallpaper adorning the entrances and little things like the thoughtful provision of a water cooler and water glasses in the top bar.

The Boatshed, (the Regatta’s accompanying restaurant) along with other features (like a Cellar Bar) are yet to be restored. However, the Regatta has re-opened its street cafe where you can order pizzas, pastas and market fresh fish.

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A Second Review of The Regatta Hotel

Review By Laura Hanley

As one of Brisbane’s most iconic bars, the Regatta Hotel is a popular destination for businessmen and under – thirty’s alike. Located along Coronation Drive, the Regatta offers a mix of good food, cheap alcohol and live entertainment.

Commonly referred to as “Regatta,” “Gatta” or “Regretta” (depending on your level of inebriation) the hotel often provides patrons with a great night out. With functions rooms on the upper levels, a great restaurant next door and a gaming room downstairs, Regatta is frequently full of businessmen sharing a drink after work, and a variety of under – thirty’s enjoying “the game” at the main bar.

The atmosphere at Regatta on Friday and Saturday night is quite relaxed. Friday nights prove to be busier than Saturdays, but nonetheless the hotel is always a popular spot. With public transport available left, right and centre, cabs coming every 15 minutes and parking at the rear, the hotel is easily accessible. It is to be commended that a night at Regatta is never an expensive one, with $10 jugs and $4 spirits, the drinks are exceptionally cheap. This does however, have the tendency to lead rowdy patrons, spilled drinks and queues for the toilet longer than ones for the bar.

My experiences at the Regatta have often been on a Wednesday night, when Regatta turns from a “casual drink after work” into a chock-a-block, teenage infested “Frat Club”. It is rather ill-advised to attend the Regatta on a Wednesday night if one is over the age of… say… 23? The hotel becomes a wading pool of spilled drinks, so heels are big no-no. The lines for the bar become so ludicrous that you consider going home, making your own, and coming back before you even reach the front of the line. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad night… in fact it’s often a very good night. If you’re lucky enough to score a seat, people are welcoming and will no doubt get to know you before the night is up. It is also perfectly acceptable to tear up the dance floor, and escape scot – free. If you’re not a fan of crowds however, avoid Regatta Wednesdays at all costs. It is nothing if not hectic.

The Boatshed restaurant next door serves delicious food at reasonable prices, and accommodates for lunch and dinner.

The Regatta is always a must for anyone new to Brisbane. Whether you “Regretta” your night at Regatta, it is still worth paying the iconic hotel a visit.

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