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Leederville, Perth

The Good Shepherd Bar

663 Newcastle St. Leederville, WA
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The Good Shepherd is a change in the concept of what we now understand as a small bar in Perth. This small 120 capacity venue is located in the café-cultured suburb of Leederville. This bar has been conceived as not only as a place where people can meet for boutique beers, wines, and cocktails, but also a place people can come to dance and experience live music and art outside the commercial norm. This bar offers a welcoming atmosphere for those willing to discard pretentious attitudes. With a simple design, it sits between glamour, trash and industry.

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The Good Shepherd Bar Review

Review by Tabitha Menon

Just like Biblical times as the shepherds followed the Star of David, I found myself looking high and low, following hints and Google maps to find The Good Shepherd in Leederville. It is hard to find, yet at the same time some would argue the white neon light shaped in a Shepherd holding a Staff at the side of the building is eye-catchy enough. Nonetheless, I say it’s a tricky find but a rather interesting bar. The most impressive part of Leederville’s newest small bar has got to be the bar in itself with an attractive alcoholic display as soon as you walk in. The drinks are fairly reasonable from $16-$18 for a cocktail and the rest don’t fall too far short from being moderate.

The interior, for me, was rather confusing. I couldn’t quite place how its name sufficiently matched the interior design. In fact, the only part of the club that made sense was the almost live-sized replica of the infamous painting of the Lord Supper by Da Vinci, who perhaps might’ve been proud of the effort, but the rest seemed rather contrasting. I noticed there were miniature burlesque-like cages hanging from the top right hand corner and many odd shaped velvet red chaises to retro black and white furniture. A big shaggy IKEA rug at one side to a high table right in the middle of the dance floor to random picture frames. I was seriously bewildered by my surrounding and I promise you I hadn’t taken a sip of my drink yet. Perhaps if you’re into juxtapositions, you might appreciate this bar’s interior more than I did.

Looking around you almost immediately notice that The Good Shepherd attracts the 25+ crowd and because of its location being in Leederville, a mini hub for funky retro restaurants and cafes, this bar naturally attracts the like aged group. The music at this place, I must admit, are for those who’d prefer to bob their heads to old school R&B; remixes. I tried to get on the dance floor but after 50 versions of Harlem Shake, I was certain not only did I embarrass myself but my muscles (if I had any left) were out of place. The music, personally, wasn’t dance music enough and hence it didn’t attract too many people on the dance floor. It had a very in between feel from the interior to the atmosphere to the music, and if you’re into trying something new and in between, then this is the place for you.

The bartenders I must say were very helpful and friendly. Too often I find bartenders tend to be cold and disinterested in attending to customers, but The Good Shepherd has bartenders who are engaging and most of the time you find that that minor detail does set up the atmosphere for night.

Overall, if you want to try something new and if you love the Harlem Shake, then this bar will prove to be a worthwhile night spent.

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