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Sangria Bar

Morphett St and Gouger St, Adelaide, SA
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Adelaide’s only Spanish bar devoted to the delicious cocktail in its entirety is a popular destination for lovers of exotic drops and mood lighting. For a night out of the ordinary, Sangria Bar is a venue that delivers with its eclectic taste in music, aesthetics and most importantly – beverages.

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What to Expect @ La Sangria Bar

By Jessica O’Reilly

La Sangria Bar. Enough said. But if you want to know more, what Mesa Lunga’s smaller conjoined twin lacks in size and space, Sangria Bar more than makes up for. From its delicious menu of concoctions mixed and served up by its wise bar staff, to the unconventional tunes spun by the resident DJ, the Spanish bar stands out from the usual bars and clubs of Adelaide by creating mouth-watering cocktails amidst an atmosphere that is unparalleled.

In fact, the significantly tiny space which comprises the bar is what makes it so great. The room is packed with such a sense of other-worldliness that it’s easy to forget exactly where you were before you crossed over to the dark sangria side. Should you find yourself bopping and swaying along to the music, don’t feel alone. Whether you’re dancing, sitting or standing, the feeling of the place bounces off everyone, creating and encouraging a vibe shared by patrons and staff alike.

Contributing notably to the atmosphere is the decor of Sangria Bar. The charming entrance takes you through to a single room furnished with wooden, padded bar stools lined up at a wooden bar, itself painted in a modest fashion to maintain the feel of the venue. Half the area in the bar is lined with a right-angled bench seat traversing the right side and back wall, with miniature wooden tables and stools to match those at the bar dotting the lounge. The beautifully framed mirror covering about five metres of wall above the bench seat is especially convenient for scoping the place when the weekend crowd forces you to turn your back on the bar, so you’re not really missing any of the action. While you’ve got your head thrown back trying to down every last drop of sangria in your glass, pay attention to the purple ceiling with its wooden beams. The dim lighting provided by the antiquated lights and chandeliers and tiny candles that litter the bar further help to set the mood.

Sangria Bar does not target any specific age group, as seen in the huge range of ages which frequent the bar. Being in the CBD means the older corporate visitors are a given on the weekday evenings, while Thursday nights bring in the teenagers and university students. Weekends are certain to be buzzing at Sangria Bar, with the occasional cue waiting to get in and amongst the cocktails. Anyone aged from 20 to 60 could be found at Sangria Bar throughout the weekend and really, any night of the week. It’s that good.

These days, you can hit up a hot nightspot and drink vodka Red bull all night for around $10 a pop. Or, you could share a jug of specially-made sangria with some friends for $35 or $40. There’s not a huge difference in price, which means you could be indulging in a jug of heaven for the amount you’d shell out for something pretty damn mediocre. If sharing’s not your thing, opt for a $9 glass – if you can decide between the fourteen variations, that is. Wine lovers are spoiled for choice with exotic drops to choose from, many of them Spanish. At $9 or $10 per glass, or ranging between $33 and $53 for a bottle, the prices are a little more than other bars but also uncommon and uniquely Bar Sangria. Something else exclusive to the bar is the menu of shots, such as the aptly named El Matador or Costa Brava. At a standard $8, it doesn’t really matter what the contents are – the names are enticing enough.

For these reasons and more, Sangria Bar is an addictive venue hidden just enough from the busier areas of Adelaide’s nightspots. Sure, you may have to fight for a seat on a busy night, but whether or not you win one, it’s still an experience that must be embarked upon.

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