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Revellers Bar (Prahran)

274 Chapel St, Prahran, VIC
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Live music is a must because that’s where it all began. Without it, music would die and be in the hands of the conglomerates, the big music companies. Who wants to listen to POP Music all night? Not us, that’s for sure. That’s why we fight for the grass roots bands and why we have set up ‘The Revellers Band Room’ at the Fitzroy location. The bands that will grace our stage are an eclectic mix of local bands, national touring artists and even our international friends from afar. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (as serious stays outside the door) but we do take service seriously. All our staff will go out of their way, for you, and they all genuinely care about your experience with us. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

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What to Expect @ Reveller Bar Prahran

By Miranda Luby


The three rules of Revellers: Don’t arrive before midnight, don’t arrive anywhere close to sober and don’t drink anything but Marky Marks.

Girls beware: The boys here may seem harmless and even too drunk to be on the hunt however this is just the facade they put on to make your boyfriends feel comfortable enough to leave you on the dance floor and go to the bar without you. This is when the predators attack. You’ll hear stories the next day like ‘I didn’t even see his face before he started kissing me’.

Boys beware: The girls here have crossed the boundary line between drunk and wasted otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Watch out for the ‘high heel stumble right onto your foot’, the ‘sexy dance turned face plant’ and the ‘getting you to buy them shots then running away from you’.

If you’re still reading by this point that means you’ve been to this kind of place before and know that despite its trashy party vibe (or maybe because of it) it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

This clubby little bar on Chapel St is the place to go if you find yourself in your 20’s, poor and drunk but still up for a good time in the early hours of the morning. Usually there’s no entry fee but sometimes it’s $5 for the boys. Picture a long narrow pub with red leather seats down the sides, a wooden bar and a disco ball. The vibe is like a backpackers bar without the backpackers.

Ideally you’ll arrive in a delirious haze, smiling and trying to look semi-sober for the bouncers. Step inside and you’ll notice that everyone is drinking the same blue drink. This is called a Marky Mark and is an absolute must if you want to party here. $12 is the price listed on the wall behind the bar but when ordering a huge round for friends you can usually get them to round it down. I believe they’re a mixture of Redbull and vodka and some magical ingredient that makes it blue no one could tell me what this actually was (I’m guessing unicorn tears).*

So once you have your Marky Mark (or two) in hand you can walk up the little stairs and report to the dance floor. Actually, you don’t really have a choice as by this time of night the whole club is a dance floor.

This is where the fun begins.

Did you ever realise how much you LOVE Rihanna? Or Nelly? Or HANSON?? Goddamn, this DJ is good! Wait, where are my friends? Oh there they are, I must have travel danced to the other side of the room with my eyes closed – OMG this is my song!! Man, I look so sexy when I dance to 80’s music. WOAH who just drank all my drink? Wait, that was me. Oh and there’s half of it on that guys shirt behind me. I don’t think he noticed though. I wonder if my tongue is blue.

“Hey Beth, what’s the time? 4am?! NO!! Okay we have to go home IMMEDIATELY! OMG no wait, this is my song!!”

*further research tells me this drink contains Vodka, Redbull, Blue Curacao, Lemon Squash, Peach Schnapps and lots of ice.

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A 2nd Look @ Reveller Bar Prahran

By Naomi Snell

Located at 274 Chapel Street Prahran directly opposite Electric Ladyland, this smallish one room club is a sanctuary for Chapel St revellers. The decor and music here is as eclectic as the crowd. Attracting the more down to earth of the private school and university crowds post parties, drinking sessions, functions and sporting matches (around midnight on a Friday and Saturday night), Revellers Bar is a guaranteed good time. Featuring bands and hand selected music from Top 40’s, Rock & Pop to Creedence, Beatles, Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson, the music favours party anthems creating the ultimate party aura. Live music is a favourite feature of the club with cover bands rocking out until 3am. The hallway walls at Revellers Bar feature pictures of regulars, past and present as well as staff who enjoy the party as much as anyone. The toilet walls on the other hand are carpeted and furry. Just don’t dry your hands on them – it’s unhygienic.

Girls: if you plan on dressing to impress, make sure you wear your cutest shiny flats so you can carve up the dance floor. For boys, jeans and a nice shirt or t-shirt are welcome here, along with your broadest smile. The house special here are enormous $15 highlighter blue alcoholic beverages called Marcy Marcs (pronounced Marky Marks) named after the bar’s owner. Drink enough of them, and wake up looking and feeling like a blue tongue lizard (they can take up to three quarters of an hour to finish). Loose but civilised behaviour is tolerated here, and the atmosphere encourages everyone to “get involved”. For the benefit of female patrons a strictly no sexual harassment policy is in place, ensuring a happy and safe night for all.

Try to turn up to Revellers at as close to 12pm as possible to avoid a short but sometimes cold line up. There is a relatively reasonable $5 cover charge for entry, but regulars often enter free. After the cool line up hanging up your winter coat also attracts a $3 fee but it is worth the price for lack of hassles. For those on a budget, drink pre party and top up on a Marcy Mark or two once you hit the bar.

Revellers Bar has been dubbed “time machine” by the regulars for its ability to suck people in, partying to all hours and often losing track of time. Visit one of the themed nights (Hawaiian, Pirate Party etc) for extra frivolity where patrons and staff dress to impress and the loose party atmosphere causes just a bit more of a ruckus. Reveller’s is a must if you visit Chapel St. At five years of age (but ever increasingly popular), you don’t want to miss out on the fun and frivolity such a small but rowdy establishment has on offer.

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