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Parlour Room

16 Kendall Ln, Newacton Pavilion, ACT
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Situated on the lakeside of the Newacton Pavilion, nestled into the spacious Heritage listed Acton Hotel, Parlour Wine Room offers a comfortable and inviting environment with a selection of the finest wines from the Canberra region, Australia and the world. To accompany our wide selection of wine is a creative and tantalising selection of Spanish Tapas with a modern Australian twist, plus an ample array of desserts to keep the sweet tooth happy. We have gone to considerable lengths to provide a distinct and accessible approach to all things boutique. Our comprehensive wine list samples some of the finest wines, sparkling and Champagne that the wine community has to offer.

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What to Expect @ The Parlour Room

By Tara Jane

After weaving your way through the heritage listed Acton Hotel, you eventually arrive at the much anticipated Parlour Wine Room. As soon as you step inside the doors you are taken on a magical journey through time and arrive promptly at a 19th century London wine cellar. You instantly feel like you are part of an underground movement and you get the impression police may burst in at any moment to enforce prohibition. The Victorian era resonates strongly here and is perfectly complimented by contemporary art deco and design.

You can’t help but notice the barman creating cocktails at an empty bar whilst your fellow drinkers sit relaxed at their tables awaiting, you guessed it, table service. I must say table service at a modern day bar impresses me, and the polite and friendly waitresses make sure your experience is enjoyable. Whether you decide to sit inside or on the spacious outdoor balcony you will be surrounded by an equally appeasing majestic ambience. By 10pm on a Saturday is both inside and outside alike alive with nonchalant chatter and the flattering flicker of candlelight. Most venues with an outdoor balcony seem to feel a little cramped outside, but the setup here is spacious and welcoming. Each table is personified with a different tea light holder creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

After relaxing into your seat, the Victorianesque themed waitress will hand deliver one of the extensive menus which hosts an exemplary selection of delicious beverages. You can treat your tastebuds to a bottle of locally produced Canberra wine, a 12 year old bottle of whiskey, or a simple Corona. Wine ranges from very expensive to $7 a glass with sassy cocktails priced around the $15 mark. This place also offers a degustation and tapas menu so there is some fantastic food on offer if you want to wine and dine.

The alcohol prices are a little steep, but for such a classy establishment paying more is part and parcel of the experience. Besides, most people surrounding you look like they hold down a steady job so money isn’t really an issue. Saying that, unless you are feeling particularly wealthy, you will probably want to limit the amount you drink here. One thing you may notice is the lack of hot pant clad ‘extroverts’ patrolling the dance floor. This is because there is no dance floor, and music consists of background mood music utilised to make conversations an easy experience. You would be more likely to exchange numbers with someone here than publicly mack on with them.

Suits, dresses and clean cut jeans and tees adorn the guests who sit carelessly on the balcony chatting comfortably in the summer gloaming. A brief look around my companions suggests it’s the Saturday night escape for those who no longer find the crowds and noise of nightclubs enticing. It has been recent nightclub retirees who still like to go out, without the hassle of drink lines, louts who want to fight and bouncers out to ruin your night. You get the impression the owners and managers have made a special effort to make this place as enjoyable an experience for you as possible. It would be the prefect venue for a date, function or pre drink shenanigans. There is something about coming here that makes you feel like getting older isn’t so bad after all. There is something seductive about this chic and charming Parlour Wine Room.

It is the Moet of bars and nightclubs, a little expensive, special and likely to induce relaxed and interesting conversation.

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