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Northbridge, Perth

Paramount Nightclub

163 James Street, Northbridge, WA
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Located in the heart of Perth’s nightlife The Paramount Nightclub has been a foundation in Northbridge’s Pub & Club scene since it opened in 1999. Hailed as Perth’s premier party venue. It combines Perth most rated live music downstairs with our Resident and Guest DJ’s upstairs pumping out uplifting commercial dance music.

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Paramount Nightclub Review

Review By Justine Smith

Opening in 1999, the Paramount is well renowned of being one of the biggest nightclubs in Perth. It is the perfect place for all the newly 18 year olds wanting to have an epic night out with friends.

Depending on your taste and mood, you have the choice of dancing to the live band downstairs or moving your hips to the music being played by the DJ upstairs. If dancing is not your style, never fear: there is a spacious outdoors section downstairs complete with tables and benches and another room upstairs.

Did I mention that the Paramount is one of the biggest nightclubs in Perth?

Security is everywhere at the Paramount but don’t let that spoil your fun. They provide enough entertainment on their own, even if it isn’t their intention. They are swift to escort the rebel jumping the fence into the outside area back out onto the street. It is amusing to watch the drunk short dress and mega high heel girls try to dance dirty and keep their balance all at the same time…and even more amusing when they try to convince security they were completely sober.

Vodka based drinks are $8.50 and my favourite, Jagerbombs, are $13. Blue and red Daiquiri’s are $11 and perfect for a hot and humid summers night. Beware – they will stain your tongue as we quickly found out. We had a few blue tongues wagging throughout the night.

The toilets are clean and spacious. Plenty of room to move and fix up your make-up if need be.

One thing I could not comprehend was the TV’s downstairs near the live band. They had the movie ‘Alexander’ playing with Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie. Why? I don’t know but it proved distracting to me and my friends. If I wanted to watch a movie I would have stayed home with a bowl of popcorn. As I later found out, it wasn’t even a movie the Paramount chose specifically; it was a movie showing on Channel 9. If they are going to use the TV, the Paramount should show people dancing or music clips.

The line to the Paramount is known to be massive (and believe me when I say massive). On a normal Saturday night get there before 11. We just happened to be at the Paramount on the hottest and humid night Perth has experienced for a long time so a line was not a problem for us. However, the line does move quite quickly thanks to the ever efficient security weeding out the drunks. Make sure you have 2 forms of identification or you will be refused entry. Your bank card is fine as your second form of identification.

The Paramount is one nightclub you have to experience for yourself at least once. It can be an epic night out with the right people. The Paramount is always on my list to go out and have a good time – as long as humidity stays at bay.

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