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Melbourne South, Melbourne

Groove Live Bar And Terrace

Level 1, Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC
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Enjoy a dynamic line-up of some of the best musical and comedic talent Melbourne has to offer, all within the plush surrounds of Crown’s hottest live entertainment venue with city skyline views, Groove Live Bar & Terrace.

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Review of Groove Live Bar And Terrace

Review By Matt Wilson

Groove Live Bar and Terrace is somewhat hidden among all the other bars and roulette tables on the first floor of Crown Casino. It’s towards the back end and there are plenty of other bars you will see beforehand that may entice you, but once you get to Groove, that “long walk” will have been worth it.

The first thing you will see when entering Groove is the stage and the tiny dancefloor, although the crowd will just stand around the tables to dance. The band playing were an ‘80s tribute band that got so many people singing and dancing, playing the likes of The Police, Kenny Loggins, Roxette, Michael Jackson, and many other hits from big ‘80s acts. They were pretty good, all dressed up in over the top ‘80s gear. Being that it was a mostly 30s-40s crowd, it can’t be a coincidence that this band got a gig there.

The venue’s décor is very chic, very “Crown” to be more precise. It looks like the rest of the complex, but without the pokie machines. That’s not a criticism though, it’s a lovely place. Everyone knows Crown goes for a sophisticated look, and Groove is no different. The outdoor terrace provides a lovely view of South Melbourne and of Crown’s famous hourly flames while smokers go outside and have a puff. Among all the comfy sofas, couches and tables around are three bars to serve you all the booze you could want. This is great, because once Groove picks up, you will be glad there are three bars to help out with this congestion of drinkers. The back bar seems to be the quietest, although it has a limited drink range compared to the other two in the middle of Groove. So if you want a basic drink without waiting forever, then go to the back.

The only real problem with this place is that the toilets are just outside the bar in the casino area. Although the bouncers were okay, I couldn’t help but be paranoid that I wouldn’t be let back in, so I always made sure I spoke with at least one bouncer to make sure they recognised me and believed me when I said that I was already in the bar. So perhaps try to limit your trips to the loo if you can, although those who have trouble holding it in will hate this.

Having said that, if you don’t have a bladder problem, then Groove will definitely be a great place to meet up with friends for drinks while also checking out a great band with rad tunes.

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