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Geebung Polo Club

85 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, VIC
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The Geebung Polo Club combines the old world charm of the late 1800’s with friendly, attentive service and a product offering of uncompromising quality. The heritage style building and ornate Victorian decor create an inviting environment of comfort and style, whilst its contemporary menus and extensive beverage selection provide a degree of choice to gratify even the most discerning tastes. Boasting spacious lounge areas, tastefully appointed function rooms, a huge undercover outdoor courtyard and newly renovated dining room in classic Victorian style, this multi-award winning venue is open seven days a week for dining, drinks and entertainment.

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Geebung Polo Club Review

Review By Tegan Dunne

The concept of a lazy Sunday or a good old Sunday recovery session are no more thanks to the Geebung. Although it is open seven days a week, Sunday is notoriously the best night at the Geebung.

From the outside the heritage style building looks like just another pub and basically looks the same on the inside, but if offers a different experience. It is set out across one level (there is a large staircase but no one seemed to know or care what was up there) and is pretty spacious but make no mistake, by 9pm you will not be able to move, fresh air and personal space definitely do not exists in this venue.

The decor is an old pub or hotel look, with wooden benches at the bar, old carpet and some seriously outdate tiles on the floor. It was built in 1888 and retains a Victorian feel but extensive renovations also give it a more modern look. It has a homey feel with low lights and the smell of beer and boasts beautiful high archways, old wooden pillars, a huge fire place (not in use) and a big old clock in the main area. Overall the place has a rustic charm about it.

It has two bar areas, the first one closest to the entrance is a more chilled out area, with sport on the TV and beer constantly flowing, and further down is a place to sit and have a game of pool. The second bar is located near the dance floor and becomes extremely crowded as the night goes on and it can be a long wait to get a drink. Drink prices are nothing special: not cheap, but not expensive. The dance floor is small and crowded so if you don’t like being squashed by drunken sweaty people I suggest you stay away, although it can be a lot of fun when the D.J hits the stage.

Expect to hear Top 40 mainstream music; if your style is indie, this isn’t your scene. The D.J also shares set time with a band. They are enjoyable when they pump out some Bon Jovi or AC/DC but there is something very wrong about a rock band playing Party Rock Anthem or Lady Gaga songs, which they do not hesitate to do. Behind the dance floor is an arcade area which is quite cool, adding a retro feel to the place.

There is an outside courtyard for smokers, which offers a haven from the extremely hot and sweaty inside area, if you are willing to put up with the smokers. There is also a hot food stand which goes down very well with those who have consumed their body weight in alcohol (majority of the crowd.) The age group tends to be on the older side, mid 20s to 30s with the odd group 50 year old men or mums out for a good night. Getting there early is the best plan as it closes at 11pm, although a free shuttle bus runs from Geebung to Star Bar for those who wish to continue their night.

Overall my friends and I were in disagreement about our night at Geebung. I really enjoyed the night and the bar/pub atmosphere, but there were downsides; it is overcrowded, hot, has some questionable music and annoyingly, it doesn’t have a cloak room. Those of my friends who prefer a night club atmosphere didn’t really enjoy themselves but if you have nothing else to do on a Sunday I would recommend checking it out.

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