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El Loco

64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW
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A pop-up local cantina where authentic recipes are free to mingle with delisiosos fresh ingredients. Absolutely sensasionales margaritas, incredible tequilas and the most apetitosos tacos in the universe will send you completely loco. Kick back and celebrate with your amigos and hombres in our autentica Mexican cantina.

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El Loco Review

Review by Evelyn Romey

Need a holiday? Sick of the standard DOOF DOOF of club music, the crowds, the lines, the endless spending? Well there’s good news – Mexican is the new black!

Hidden away in the back of Surry Hills in Foveaux Street, El Loco is an authentic Mexican bar with all the trimmings. It’s cheap, small and always full of life. From traditional Mexican food to cocktails, this place has it all! Even boasting 26 different types of Tequila.

El Loco is a small, one level bar but makes the most of the space. The walls are splashed with colour and traditional images of sombreros. Day of the dead skulls are accompanied with a fiesta feel that is rustic but comfortable. The only drawback being that there is no garden area for the smokers.

There is a DJ and dance floor and the tunes are relaxed and familiar, resulting in sing-alongs and a full dance floor. And yes, requests are taken when made with a big smile and thank you. The atmosphere is vibrant but relaxed, with a mixed crowd from young twenty something professionals having an after work brew, to indie kids looking to get the night started. It’s a good mix of music and conversation.

One of the best parts about a night at El Loco is the prices. Drinks range anywhere from $5 to $13.50 for cocktails and the food is much the same. Although cheap, the ingredients are fresh and fairly healthy when compared to a pub dinner of steak and chips.

If like most people you are a bit strapped for cash, there are tacos and daily specials priced at just $5. The food is prepared fresh and you can even look into the kitchen while it’s being made to check its progress, creating an authentic Mexican fiesta smell that wafts through the bar and makes you want to order the nachos.

From the classic margarita, there is a cocktail for everyone. The famous Jalapeno Margarita is a secret concoction with actual jalapeno syrup and even a splash of illegal Mezcal to really get your night started. The vegetable margaritas are the best way to get you daily serve of fruit and veg on a Friday night, with celery, lime, avocado, pomegranate, grapefruit and a whole cast of good stuff to make you feel good. Shots are not only available but recommended, with imports challenging your favourite. The staff are friendly and happy to help you pick something if you’re not familiar with the menu and show off their skills.

If you’re after something a little more old school, coronas and other basic drinks are available.

El Loco is open till 3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night so it’s a great place to start or finish your night. El Loco is perfect for something different and laid back where you can meet a motley crew of revellers and show off your dance skills.

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A 2nd Review of El Loco

Review by Patrick Webb

ARIBAAA! El Loco: A little Mexican social right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Located at the Slip Inn, El Loco is a true Mexican taste sensation. The fancy Mexican styled décor offers a loco vibe which resonates throughout the venue, shaking up the metropolitan drag. This experience takes you on journey to a classic Mexico and its mischievous forays. El Loco will re-educate you to the high-spirited (mind the pun) sophistication of Mexico’s signature comestible: Tequila.

Mexican cuisine lovers, line up and get sweaty over the tantalising Tacos and Hotdogs, then washing it down with classic Tequilas, or to take it to the next level with the fire-packed ‘Jalapeno Margarita’!

Dang Hong, an acclaimed chef who was awarded in 2008 the Josephine Pignolet Best Young Chef Award at the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards, and running some of Sydney’s best kitchens, he now takes charge of the El Loco kitchen. Guaranteed to satisfy any taste buds, catering for vegetarians to hungry carnivores. Dan and his team offer some amazing dishes: the ‘Secret Taco’, the ‘El Loco Hot Dog’, the ‘El Loco Salad’, and the ‘Special Seis’, which includes Barramundi. El Loco proudly uses all Australian produce! The kitchen has special offers throughout the week, with prices ranging from $6-$20 per person.

With a fantastic balcony area for dining, the Mexican décor truly inspires mischievous behaviour and a relaxing vibe for all amigos and sassy senoritas. With a convenient cocktail bar situated outside, there is no reason not to indulge in a classic array of Tequila for that authentic experience. Alternatively, you can succumb to the specialist bartenders to make you up a spicy cocktail!

LAGERITA! An excellent knock-off for that hard days work, combining Tequila Blanco, Argave nectar, fresh lime, shaken and topped off with a Corona! Also, for the daring, try the ‘Jalapeno Margarita’ is the best way to spice up the weekend atmosphere! You have to try it!

Prices for drinks range from $5 on the happy hours and special promotion nights, to the standard prices from $5 – $14.50 per drink or cocktail. Premium Tequilas and other spirits are individually priced.

El Loco also offers a fantastic nightlife atmosphere, offering great local DJs and live acts and catering for those gringos up for a solid party. The venue transforms from a Mexican dining hall into a dance floor and both bars a often jam-packed with party people. A great place to let down your hair during the week, especially on Friday and Saturday evening! El Loco is open till late and is conveniently located above Sydney’s famous and oldest nightclub, the Chinese Laundry, you will have direct access to the club if that is where the night takes you.

Overall, El Loco is a superb common that caters for large groups at affordable prices. The atmosphere is good and offers loads of fun attracting a diverse group of people, ranging from 18-30. Please drink Tequila responsibly. AYEEE!

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