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Drift Bar

118 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach, NSW
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Home to high-profile locals and Sydneysiders looking for an exclusive and casually luxurious space to relax, and discover Ravesi’s uncompromising service, exotic cocktails, contemporary Australiasian tapas focused on showcasing Australia’s premium produce; and world class wine and spirit experiences.

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Drift Bar Review

Review by Matthew Elison

As we enter the last month of winter, the time has come to plan for summer! Nothing gets us through Sydney’s bitter July mornings like memories of last February’s Sunday sessions. And there’s no better place in Sydney for beers in the sun than Drift Bar in Bondi.

Bondi Beach has transformed over the past couple of decades, housing some of Sydney’s most fun and interesting bars. From The Stuffed Beaver in the South end, to The Hill Eatery in the North, Bondi is swamped with bars. With all the excitement, many of the bars have forgotten the one rule of bars in Bondi; sun is Golden. That is why right in the middle of Bondi, Drift Bar in the Ravisis Hotel reins supreme.

Drift Bar is the cocktail bar on the second level of Ravisis Hotel (Ravs), which has become a staple of Bondi’s drinking scene. It attracts all sorts of people, from leather-skinned locals to dolled up weekend warriors. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, you can always find drinking buddies there. As a cocktail bar, Drift comes into its own from Wednesday through to Sunday, as people begin to put on their drinking shoes.

For me, Drift Bar’s best quality is its balcony. The early afternoon sun beats down on the balcony, lingering for hours, providing the perfect setting for a day session. After a few hours on the beers in the sun, Drift offers an excellent cocktail and wine list to guide your transition into the evening. My favourite drinks were the Passionfruit Mojito and the Negroni.

A special mention has to go out to the energetic staff at Drift. Ravisis’ ensures that the bartenders working at Drift are all both friendly and excellent cocktail makers. Even better, go up to the bar and ask a bartender to make you an improvised cocktail based on a spirit of your choice.

Although the beachside setting of Ravisis screams chilled afternoon beers, a Saturday night out at Drift can be as fun and messy as any club. They have a live DJ who never fails to get at least a handful of girls grinding all over an impromptu dance floor. The great drinks, music and atmosphere of Drift combine to make for a night that…you’re unlikely to remember.

And if you don’t, what better way to re-cap your night with your mates than a beer in the sun the following day on the Drift balcony.

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