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Cubby House Lounge Bar

674a Mount Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC
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Your lounge away from home. The Cubby provides a place where comfort is the priority – whether you enjoy a wine or cocktail, a great feed or to kick up your heels to an entertaining live band or DJ. With thriving entertainment four nights a week and service that is always friendly and welcoming, the Cubby House Lounge Bar is a local place for the local girl or guy who has something a little more in mind when it comes to style, decor, service and entertainment.

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Cubby House Lounge Bar Review

Review By Adam Strelec

It was the night of a friend’s 18th Birthday and being the eldest member of the gathering and the one who has spent most of his time in Melbourne I was charged with the responsibility of choosing an adequate venue to celebrate.

Immediately the Cubby House came to mind and on this particular Friday night it did not let us down. We paid our very reasonable cover charge and proceeded to tear up the dance floor to some great rock and pop tracks from the last couple of decades, these tunes were being played by a very entertaining cover band clad in leather and mascara. The drinks were well priced and the live entertainment was fantastic and I think this was the reason the place drew the wide spread in age groups there were 18 year olds all the way up to 50 year olds and everyone was having a ball.

We weren’t troubled with variety over the bar either I soon realised as I asked for a shot of bacardi 151 to initiate my friend into adulthood and was stunned to be told they had this potent rocket fuel available for customer purchase. He had no idea what awaited him in his small shot that packed a huge punch and I know after having his first shot of 151 he wont be having another one for a very long time.

The Cubby House stayed open till very late and the numbers didn’t die down so if you want to party the night away amongst great mixed company a great atmosphere and plenty of drinks to keep you guessing then get down to the Cubby House it wont disappoint.

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A 2nd Look @ The Cubby House

By Stephanie Isherwood

It only takes one look into The Cubby House to realise what sort of bar it is. It is a bar where only the best of nights are to be had. How can you tell? Firstly, the clientele ranges from groups of 18 year olds wanting to celebrate and dance the night away, to 30 somethings wanting a bite to eat and a glass of wine or cocktail, to 50 year old suits wanting a good drink and party music to relax after a hard week at the office.

So what makes The Cubby House so popular with such a range of people? Mostly, its amazing range of music. Thursday nights are pumping with hits from the DJ booth and Fridays and Saturdays host two incredible cover bands who will play all your favourite hits from over the decades. There is no one who enters The Cubby House without hitting the dancefloor, and due to the age variation, it is completely acceptable if you really want to let loose and dance like your parents at a wedding. But don’t worry, if that’s not your style, anything goes in the way of dancing at The Cubby House. So, if you’re looking to party away the night and dance to Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, a plethora of one hit wonders and more, then this is the place to be.

And don’t be worried about blowing your budget, the cover charge is surprisingly reasonable, as are the drink prices. The Cubby House has a range of Australasian wines to choose from, a range of on tap and bottled local and importe beers and a wonderful selection of cocktails to choose from (or, if you ask nicely, the bartenders might just make one up for you on the spot to suit your taste).

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a 3rd review of the cubby house lounge bar

review by matt wilson

the words “cubby house” makes one think of a tree house they played in when they were kids, where they could be themselves, play around and have fun without having to worry about the pressures and problems in their lives. well, cubby house in moonee ponds is basically the grown-ups version of this, where anyone from 18 through to their 50s can come and drink up with some great tunes to listen to.

having been here before, i more or less knew what to expect, but i had forgotten what a fun place cubby house really is! (the $8 cover charge was the main early indicator of how likeable this place is.) with plenty of room to move around, you can go have a few quiet ones with your mates at one of the many tables around and, if you are there early enough, you can get dinner there too. the dance floor is reasonably big, and the music is grouse. the band playing the night i went were really good, and the singer was quite charismatic and i’m sure would have been very easy on the eye to the female patrons around. the singer at one point got onto the bar counter, singing away with everyone cheering him on.

the band played both recent and old rock songs, ranging from not-so-old hits like ‘all the small things’ by blink 182 that the younger patrons loved, to pub favourites like ‘jesse’s girl’ by ricky springfield, to ones that the older patrons are probably more familiar with like ‘rain’ by dragon. those who are more into rnb are covered too for when the band were offstage and the songs playing on the stereo took over, with recent chart-toppers like ‘tonight (i’ll be loving you)’ by enrique inglesias, ‘s&m;’ by Rihanna, ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga, to older ones like ‘Put Your Hands Up’ by Fatman Scoop (there was also a whole half hour of Usher songs!). All these songs got everyone getting their groove on and raising their arms in the air, making it impossible for you to not get into the groove of things.Drinks wise, Cubby House is really good too. The prices are really cheap ($4 pots! I got plenty of these in me!), having mostly beers, spirits, wines, cocktails, tequilas, cocktails, and shots. The bartenders were young and vibrant, and friendly and quick about getting the drinks too.

With a casual dress code, the whole atmosphere of Cubby House is quite cosy (like a real cubby house is), yet adventurous and lively at the same time. The voiceover that comes on when you enter the Cubby House website says, ‘Looking for a great night out? Think Cubby House’. I couldn’t agree more.

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