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Brooklyn Bar

225 George St, Sydney, NSW
(02) 9247 6744
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The place to be for cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights. After undergoing refurbishments, which include stylish new Italian-designed furniture, the Brooklyn Hotel is the place to be. Especially as you can enjoy the new bar while checking out the DJs. Situated beneath the Deloitte building, Brooklyn Bar is a number 1 Friday night hangout for industry proffessionals looking to let their hair down after another 80 hour week.

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Review By Ben King

No it’s not in Brooklyn and no I didn’t ask why it’s called Brooklyn Bar, however if you are looking for a big night out on the town then Brooklyn Bar should definitely be on the list.

For those who aren’t Sydney locals, Brooklyn Bar, located on George street down the Circular Quay end of town has a bit of everything to offer on both Friday and Saturday. As a regular to this club, I decided to do what no regular bar and nightclub review ever does, and go there on both Friday and Saturday (It’s a tough job).

If you are heading there Friday night, let it be known that this is the local bar of the Deloitte employees who’s building is right next to Brooklyn Bar. Accordingly, if your idea of a great night out is to party with a bunch of rich accountants (and wannabe rich accountants) then look no further. If anything, accountants wearing $5,000 suits provides a great contrast to the venue which is part pub, part bar, part beer garden, part atrium and when 10 O’clock strikes… All nightclub!!! With regular events held there, if you are a tightarse or simply a poor uni student then get there nice and early to enjoy both free entry and great drink specials.

Saturday night, Brooklyn bar is a different place altogether. Suits are gone and it’s party time for the under 30’s. Playing a mix of RnB, Hip Hop and Dance music, for the George Street clubber, Brooklyn bar is definitely a place to spend an hour or two. We stayed there enjoying cheap drinks till about 11pm before heading to the Rocks to continue our evening.

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