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Bar on Gouger

123 Gouger St, Adelaide, SA
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For a relaxed after work, uni knock-off drink or simply for a casual catch up with friends, head along to the Bar on Gouger. As an iconic Adelaide institution, Bar on Gouger have been in existence for over a decade and continue to provide high levels of service for all guests.

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Bar on Gouger Review

Review by Imogen Richards

Situated in the heart of metropolitan Gouger Street, the ‘Bar On Gouger’ provides a relaxed pre or post drinking experience for a night touring Adelaide City’s west end.

As an alternative to other bars located been King William and Morphett, this venue remains free from gaming facilities, instead sporting an assortment of featured DJ and themed nights. Occasionally, the ‘Bar on Gouger’ also hosts wine tasting events where there are free samples for anyone happening to pass by! The novelty of these nights is chiefly added to by the ‘Contiki’-type feel generated by the bamboo and pine tasting table.

Although the outfit is not particularly what one might deem ‘flash’, the at home pub feel does creates a welcoming reception for those not necessarily dressing to impress. The clientele as such ranges considerably depending on the day and time you choose to drop in. All kinds are essentially welcome in this bar, so if you are looking for somewhere more discriminating, this may not be the place for you. Typically between 5pm and 7pm there are a range of drinks specials available. In addition to the featured beer of the month (on special all month round), a selection of tap beers are also available, usually for $5 or $6 depending on your drink of choice. Cocktails are also a major feature of this establishment, although predominantly the list reflects old classics and sweet concoctions designed to provide that celebratory sugar buzz.

For uni students and young professionals, the outdoor area or inside lounge provide a classic atmosphere for relaxing with friends at the end of the day. As the night progresses also, there is a pool table inside and dance floor; when the DJ music amps up on Fridays and Saturdays, this space can generally be found packed with early twenties busting out unself-conscious dance moves. On Saturdays, however, be sure to check in advance with the manager if there are any special functions booked. At times, dual 21st parties will occur here on the same Saturday night and you may find the bar packed 3 or 4 persons deep. Generally though this will not deter from a good time as drinks are more than accessible before around 10:30 pm.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the ‘Bar on Gouger’ for either the money conscious or simply those that love dining from multi-cultural eateries, is its proximity to a myriad of Adelaide’s most eclectic restaurants. With Ying Chow across the road and East Taste directly adjacent, the Bar on Gouger stands as a perfect touchstone to meet up with friends early, or finish up late with at mid-week night cap. Make sure to check out this traditional Adelaide touchstone if you are looking for places to wind down or rev up for an evening on the town.

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