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Bar 333

Shop 1, 333 George Street, NSW
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A favourite place for Sydneysiders and travellers alike. Whether enjoying a bite to eat, game of pool, bet on the TAB, cocktail or an icy cold beverage, Bar 333 provides the perfect venue for entertainment, relxation and celebration. Bar 333 features two bars, a cocktail lounge, sports bar and an Asian inspired restaurant, all in a glamorous setting with wrap-around glass walls offering a uniquely stylish city experience.

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Bar 333 Review

Review By Kelly Teng

Bar 333…well, the name “bar” is appropriate because this place is definitely not the place where people come to get down and dirty on a Saturday night. Located closer to Wynyard and the George Street’s ‘business’ side, Bar 333 exudes class, relaxation, and a whole lot of red.

Going on this note of red, the first thing that any guest notices is how dominant this colour is in Bar 333’s decor. The walls are red, the chairs are red, the lighting is red, and even the website is red. This colour becomes synonymous with the location, and when you add in wrap-around glass walls, the location exudes urban chic. Bar 333 is open in the morning for coffee, but it really shines at night when you can be indoors and glance out at the bustling Sydney night.

Bar 333’s name comes from being number 333 on George Street (which makes it an easy spot to remember if you need somewhere to go on a night out) and from having three areas for three purposes: a sports bar for drinking and watching the footy, a cocktail lounge for the classy person inside you, and an Asian Infusion Restaurant in case you get hungry. Because it caters to so many different aspects, the people that you’ll find here are as diverse as the city of Sydney itself.

While you are relaxing at Bar 333, don’t expect there to be the coolest remixes of mainstream songs, or an endless playlist that you want to dance to. Bar 333 caters more for chilling out, and – while there is a DJ – music is more a way of creating ambience than a way of heating up the club. The people that normally go there go for a purpose: an intimate catch up with some friends, watching a football game on one of their screens, or some casual drinks after a long day. It is a place that is designed to make you feel so comfortable that you don’t want to leave.

Any night of the week is a great time to be at Bar 333, but different nights cater to different things: the place is dominated by businessmen and women from Monday through to Thursday, but on Friday nights $8 Champagne Cocktails draw out a different crowd, and Saturdays are just made for everyone with $5 vodkas and $10 pizzas. Bar 333 makes sure that no matter what day it is, there will always be a special on for its guests to enjoy. However, if you’re looking for events like Soho’s One7One or Home Bar’s Sublime…look elsewhere. Bar 333 is a place to chill out, not a place to pay $20 entry fee and hook up with random drunk dancing people.

So if you’re feeling like having a classy night without breaking the bank and going to The Establishment/Ivy, then let Bar 333 be your perfect alternative. The drinks are great, the service is great, and if you’re looking for a place to meet potential suitors, just remember: red’s the colour of love.

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