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The Hazy Rose

83 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst
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The Hazy Rose is a small bar on Stanley Street in the heart of Darlinghurst offering original cocktails, beautifully selected wine, quality beers and impeccable service.

A timeless drinking den where you can quench your thirst with a longneck at the custom built mahogany bar, snuggle up in a soft armchair with the house favourite - a whiskey sour or grab a booth and a bottle of European wine with your friends. Experience impeccable service and let the banter flow. You'll meet a rich décor and good times.

The talented team at this deco inspired upstairs space is mixing up a truly individual drinks experience. Open late from Tuesday to Sunday, The Hazy Rose is the perfect place for that after work wind-down, for pre or post dinner drinks. Kick off your night here, linger with some fine tunes, stay a while and relax.

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The Hazy Rose Review

Review by Sharlyn Matta

The perfect way to wind-down a crazy week is with a Singapore Sling.

My shocked gasp at the price quickly changes to a satisfied smirk while watching Brendan the bartender, a gracious and welcoming host, transported from an era long gone, create my cocktail of choice for the night.

It feels like a place where Norah Jones or Macy Gray or possibly even their love child would hangout on a Sunday night. The live tunes set the tone for a cool night topped off by the chatter and laughing of hipsters and wanna-bees.

The crowd is twenty something. Uni students and cool kids of the block create a kicked back, good-times-a-rolling sensation. A young and upcoming generation who have raided their grandparent’s wardrobe. You get lost in time but the experience at The Hazy Rose is one to be had.

So we go for one more round of cocktails and a quick fly by lesson on scotch whisky from Brendan and the bar was shut at 10pm. Prices are reasonable only because the bartenders pay so much attention in displaying a lot of passion on delivering their drinks with skill and precision.

Don’t be stunned by the jaw dropping cocktail prices that range from $15-$24, because I can assure you they are not made by some chap who’s working there between his study breaks. These cocktail stirring, beer opening boys and girls know what their doing. They make some of the best cocktails the city has to offer like the Singapore Sling and the Southside (an alternative to a mojito).

If you’re a beer drinker then you’ll be frothing over the selection of boutique microbreweries served by the bottle reasonably priced from $8-$13.

The décor is a slightly confused collaboration of vintage wall hangings, large armchairs and semi modern trimmings. Bordered by candles and a touch of red light illuminated the room enough that you could see the drink in your hand, and that’s all you really needed to see as the tunes and banter took over your senses. My little favourite touch was a large round light that was centre of the bar wall, decorated with a moustache, hat and bow tie to fit the attire of the bartenders.

In the darker corner of the bar is pew like booths for larger groups to mingle.Although the menu for food is far from extensive they do offer a variety of kettle chips to nibble on or a pork pie, so you might want to dine somewhere before you down a drink or two.

So if you’re strolling the foodie Stanley Street, look for the narrow door next to the no name café for the stairs that will take you to another epoch.

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