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The Beresford Hotel

354 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW
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Behind its polished green-tile exterior beats the heart of a casual neighbourhood pub with a modern Italian trattoria. The Beresford kitchen offers everything from a simple bowl of fries with Sicilian sea salt to wood-fired pizza, house made pappardelle and decadent desserts. Drop in at lunchtime for some of the best meal deals in Surry Hills

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The Beresford Hotel Review

Review by Cathy Harris

The Beresford Hotel tantalises all senses. Brainchild of entrepreneur and nightclub extraordinaire, Justin Hemmes, The Beresford Hotel is all that an upmarket bar promises; good food, delicious drinks, chic decor and a place to see and be seen.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a chilled Sunday session you’re after, or a place to have dinner and catch up with friends over the weekend, The Beresford’s beer garden is bustling with atmosphere. A canopy of paper lanterns and pot plants surround the garden, creating a cool and relaxed vibe. Large wooden tables and white chrome chairs plays host to the general mish-mash of drinkers.

The population ranges from the after-work suits, the girls in heels and minis, the rugby player-esque guys, to the moustache wielding artsy types. Amongst the trendy crowd there is that one tongue-in-cheek guy wearing thongs, bopping fervently to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” that is playing over the sound system. Any pretentious undertones that the bar may have otherwise had are immediately gone thanks to him!

While music from the 70s provides a quirky soundtrack to accompany loud chatter and laughter, if it’s dancing you seek then Upstairs Beresford is the place to go. Head up the stairs and the sounds of live bands and DJs resonate.

Unlike the kitschy, laid back attitude in the beer garden, the dimly lit Upstairs Beresford screams swanky art deco jazz bar. The decor is eclectic, spanning from blue-coloured lighting and industrial pipes that adorn the ceiling, to art deco wood panelling, chandeliers and vintage sconces.

Spend too much time dancing at Upstairs Beresford and you’re most likely to work up a sweat. The bar provides good service, and even better drinks to help you rehydrate!

Offering a range of classic cocktails and Beresford Signatures [$15-$16] like the Ghettoblaster (a gorgeous blend of Vodka, Cointreau, cloudy apple juice and passionfruit on the rocks), it is the Sharing Cocktails [$19-$22] that tickles most. In jugs that serve four (or one if you’re very thirsty), delicious and refreshing blends such as the Pimms Cooler (Pimms, lemonade, dry ginger ale, cucumber, mint and seasonal fruit) are definitely to way to go.

Even though some bar-goers may live by the motto of “eating is cheating,” if you’re going to undertake a jug, then do so responsibly and line the stomach with one of The Beresford’s delicious meals. The Italian- inspired menu caters for different levels of hunger ranging from the Something Light category [$3-$18] to the More Substantial [$24-$29]. The Pizza Prosciutto is swoon- worthy, as is the spanner crab linguini (not recommended if you plan on picking up, as it’s quite heavy on the garlic and chilli).

If you’re looking for a good place to grab a meal, start the night before kicking on to the nearby Oxford Street nightclubs, or a relaxed place to chat with mates, The Beresford Hotel is definitely worth checking out. If not for the atmosphere, then definitely for the entertainment provided by that guy in thongs.

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A 2nd Review of The Beresford Hotel

Review by Patrick Webb

Located in Surry Hills, just over from Sydney’s Oxford Street, the Beresford Hotel Upstairs is regarded for its prestigious appearance. The Beresford Upstairs is a fantastic showcase for live performances. The dance floor is long and narrow, creating a little bit of chaos when there are people crowding to the stage; however, it fills ups quick, so get to the front! The décor is fantastic and not cheap looking. The aesthetic is pulled off quite well and really sits in tidy with the old buildings character. The one that the Upstairs has done very well is the sound. The audio quality of this venue is astounding; high quality and not loud like the cheap clubs. Maybe some like to loose hearing on a regular basis, but here you can listen to the acts with crystal clarity and enough vibe to shake your booty.

Amidst the impress of the audio are the acts that play on a regular basis. I was fortunate enough to be invited to see Adam Katz live, releasing his new single, at the Beresford. This event was a great example of production and stage value. The sounds were spot-on, with obvious professionalism, the lighting, the equalisation and the balance of everything in between. You can instantly tell when walking into a bar or nightclub of what vibe it possesses. Most are satisfied with the dull thump of a ratty old bass and the terrible shrieks of the over distorted trebles, which is terrible. I can safely say that after leaving this venue, there was no ear ringing, just the jolly foot-tap of a good tune memory.

The patrons of the Beresford are a mixture of the gay community and the upper-class show-off. However, this isn’t a bad thing. It was a fun night and people were in good spirits. The mingle of beautiful women, dapper gentlemen and the classy homosexuals only set the night to full steam ahead! If you’re up for meeting the affluent partner here, not saying you should gold dig, but to know how to spend some cash for some good times, then here is where you should let your hair down and get out the good suit, [be]cause these people are not interested in fake diamonds.

The drinker will not be disappointed at the Beresford’s liquor repertoire; the beer selections are typically international, as is the wine rack. Getting your tongue tied around the cocktails and the wine choice is what some may consider a good way to shake up and stir away the week’s confusions, with a tantalising cocktail armoury and plenty of lethal concoctions to keep those evils at bay. Well, until Monday. The bank account will suffer a little too. Most drinks are pricey.

Overall, the Beresford is a great place to have a dinner (as downstairs is a restaurant) and drinks. The party vibe is a smorgasbord for all pretty types willing to dress up to the nine and show off a little pride with some fancy footwork.

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