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The Mill Hotel

189 Beaconsfield St, Milperra
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Milperra is an Aboriginal word meaning

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The Mill Hotel Review

Review by Nina Subotic

Besides its location, the Mill Hotel is definitely a venue to come back to, time and time and again. The Mill is located in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, in Milperra, an easily accessible venue for those who don’t fancy making the trek up to the city every weekend.

Believe me when I say I understand the lack of enthusiasm associated with perhaps the rather colourful location of the venue, but other than a few minor reminders of where you are, you won’t think twice about it again.

Upon arrival the biggest shock of all is the size. This place is massive, and it’s no surprise, given its huge variety of entertainment. With its three divided sections - dining area, bar area and dance floor (with a DJ and bongo player on Friday nights) - you can be sure to find something to suit you. If you like a bit of a gamble then go out to the back of the hotel to be greeted with a vast array of pokies, pool tables and a second bar.

Another pleasant surprise at the Mill is the mix of ages, and how early the place is packed out. With crowds ranging from families at the restaurant earlier on in the night, to middle aged men in the bar section and local youths keen to bust a move on the dance floor later in the night, the Mill has literally got everyone covered.

The Mill Bistro, the restaurant section of this monstrous pub/hotel, is nothing like of a fine dining experience. However, don't let that fool you: the restaurant offers a full fledged dedication in the menu to the traditional pub classics. Try, for instance, the Big Beef Burger for a cool $16.50, which literally will set your mouth watering at the thought of it. And remember how I said this place is for everyone? If you do, I can’t stress this enough as the menu literally goes around the world, with sections of Asian, Italian, sea foods and healthy salad options.

Police presence and what seems to be a mass invasion of security guards does surround the venue, but then again it makes it that little bit safer, and it’s nothing too different than a regular weekend down at the Cross...that and the policy of no shots, shooters, or slammers, are as far as the downfalls go.

However, don't let that turn you off, the $20 cocktail jugs (yes I said jugs) will whip any doubts from your mind that you may have had (and just a tip I do recommend ‘Ocean Breeze’)

There's no doubting that this place is an awesome alternative to those passing by or living out in the inner west for a great night out. With good food, cheap drinks, great music and the thrill of being a bystander to a fight, what else more could you need?

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