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The Old Library Restaurant And Bar

15 Surf Road, Cronulla NSW
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Cronulla's most exceptional restaurant and a new star in the Sydney dining scene, a winner with food critics and a hit with patrons. The Old Library is a relaxed, sophisticated restaurant for lunch or dinner, a stylish, casual bar for a drink and one of the delicious sharing plates, a place to celebrate a special occasion, and a superb venue for a wedding reception, corporate function or private dining experience. Designed with a connection to both the seaside location and the original architecture, elements such as the bar, the private dining room and the fireplace alcoves give the airy space a sense of intimacy and drama.

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Review of The Old Library

Review by Claudia Sorace

Cronulla isn’t exactly known for much more than its beaches, babes and barefoot locals. So I was surprised when my cousin, one of these locals, suggested I try a trendy new restaurant called The Old Library. Indeed the Old Library used to be the old Cronulla library and it appears the locals are finding far more use from the updated restaurant/bar version. Hardly surprising really.

At a glance, the venue is positively gorgeous. It fits in with the casual beach thing going on in Cronulla, but adds something more elegant. Accompanied by a cool bar area, the restaurant is perched off above the street and open to the sea breeze off the mall. Oak tables and comfy cushiony couches complete the picture. The menu certainly read well too, suggesting an Italian flare, although the wine list will disappoint serious winos.

So on a pleasant Cronulla night, the Blonde and I decided to investigate (such hard work at that). Even from the get go, the wait staff were consistently friendly and genuine. Our allergies, time restrictions, questions and quirks were handled with the sort of professional humour that, in my opinion, defines good Australian hospitality. The Blonde was also suitably impressed with the waiter/her continual continual choice of good house cocktails. Soon no topic was too taboo at this dinner table.

The menu offered a good selection of pastas, salads, antipasti, desserts, share plates, etc. Cleverly catering for most of Cronulla’s dining public (i.e. a salad for the plastics, seafood for the surfers, pasta for the kiddies and so on), the menu certainly suggests an Italian theme, but in parts seemed to be just for the sake of it. For example, an antipasti of citrus cured snapper Carpaccio, baby beetroot and blood orange granita was very flavoursome, but perhaps too much of a stretch from the traditional Venetion dish. A minor quip perhaps. Saffron spaghetti, swimmer crab and sage butter was okay, but did not prompt any immediate calls for seconds. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for dessert.

The wine list was, however, completely and unquestionably wanky. Expensive wines were listed under the subheading of “How Much Do You REALLY Love Her?” and the remaining wines certainly played it safe (I suspect some contracts are at play here too). It’s all just a bit too commercial for my liking, although the Cronulla dining public probably disagrees or simply doesn’t care. Fair enough.

Last words. The Old Library is fun. Despite my whinging at times above, it was packed full of atmosphere and all the other stuff I’m sure trendy Cronulla diners like. If I wasn’t looking at it so hard, I would struggle to mount a serious criticism for what the restaurant offers as a whole. Just make sure you have the decency to wear shoes please.

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