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The Mayor Bar and Dining

400 Military Road, Cremorne
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Located in the heart of Cremorne, a couple doors north of the celebrated Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, The Mayor is a unique bar, restaurant and lounge, offering a new level of culinary quality (courtesy of our gifted Chef de Cuisine, Jimmy Kim), an extensive wine list and a delicious mix of signature cocktails for you to find irresistible.

Opened in October 2011, and having recently celebrated our six month anniversary, The Mayor has been blessed to enjoy a warm, strong and consistent response from the community, attracting a more mature, sophisticated audience.

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The Mayor Bar and Dining Review

Review by Kelly Teng

The Lower North Shore has long lacked the venues that make the Inner West’s nightlife scene so vibrant and eclectic. Endlessly, we have wished for a place where we can just go to, sit down, enjoy a drink or dinner, and just be – without the constraints of fine dining or the noisy atmosphere of a pub.

Perhaps that’s why The Mayor Bar and Dining in Cremorne has already made a name for itself. With its cozy yet quirky atmosphere, and diverse and unique menu, and its exceptional customer service, this is a venue that’s set to ingrain itself in the Lower North Shore scene for many years to come.

And yes, that’s a big claim to make – but from the minute I entered The Mayor’s doors, I felt like I had finally found a place in this part of town to relax, have a drink or a meal, and just generally enjoy myself with my friends.

Featuring a communal approach, the venue exudes subtle dark tones with quotes printed across the walls and the bar sits right in the centre of it all. Tables and couches are situated across the borders of The Mayor – so no matter where you sit, you’ve got a great view of bartenders mixing drinks and punters chatting away – and adorning the walls are photographs of some iconic mayors from cities around the world.

Steadily busy, but never packed to the brim, The Mayor has a perfect atmosphere to stop by for lunch or unwind after a busy day or week at work. During lunchtime and the weekday nights, this venue plays host to a late-20s to late-30s crowd, but as the weekend draws near and the sun goes down, so does the age – to a respectable mid-20s mix. The staff are young, vibrant, and designed to cater to a variety of needs from a variety of ages, and The Mayor truly knows how to make any person from any walk of life feel welcome.

What also makes any person feel welcome, though, is a great selection of meals and drinks, and The Mayor offers a great range of both. From succulent crackling pork belly to beetroot fettucine (yes, this is a real meal and it’s delicious), the menu is an eclectic mix that tantalises all tastebuds. The wine list is comprehensive, to say the least, and the cocktails all feature a unique spin on traditional flavours – I, for one, am a huge fan of both the Sneaky Sneaky (try it for yourself and you’ll understand why it’s fantastic) and Brooklyn Baby.

One of the complaints I often have of venues in the Lower North Shore is that they’re too pretentious, but The Mayor asks you to leave your preconceptions at the door. With a menu that exudes North Shore, but with an environment that tends towards Newtown-esque, The Mayor is the perfect blend for any person who likes good food, good drinks, and a great time.

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