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Crows Nest Hotel

1 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, NSW
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The Crows Nest Hotel is located 15 minutes from Sydney CBD with easy access from the the harbour bridge or tunnel.

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What to Expect @ The Crows Nest Hotel

Review by Emma Trkulja

With the music swapping from live bands and DJ's every Friday and Saturday night and the recent launch of student nights every Wednesday, The Crows Nest Hotel (better known as The Crowie) is quickly becoming the new party venue on the North Shore.

Located 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD, The Crowie is local and affordable with $8 vodka drinks and $7 to $8 wines. You can also get a $2 drink card on entry if you check in to The Crows Nest Hotel on Facebook. The Lounge Bar, adjacent to the dance floor, is easily the busiest bar on any night so walk around to the Local Bar where it is quieter. You can also place bets in the TAB, sit and chat with friends or watch all the latest sporting action on the plasma televisions.

If you're a beer drinker, you'll love the Craft Bar. It's great if you're growing bored of mass-produced beer and looking for something different. The Crowie brews their own beers and sells them for around $7 a schooner and $8 a pint. Here you can also grab a delicious cocktail ranging from $13 to $15 or a cocktail jug for $15. I recommend the Kinky Cosmo ($15).

If you're looking to enjoy a drink in a more corporate atmosphere, check out the Junction bar. Situated on the front corner of the venue, it offers great views and provides the perfect location for a relaxing drink after work.

The bistro offers a wide selection of food, from chicken schnitzels to seafood and pasta. There is a $10 lunch time menu with a 15 minute guarantee, but remember to reserve a table - it gets busy! At night, reservations aren't necessary as the Crowie applies an open seating policy, which is great for a quick dinner or a late night snack after your big night out. The Crowie offers meal deals almost everyday including $12 chicken schnitzels on Mondays and $10 Wednesday pizza and pasta nights.

The new offering of student nights on Wednesday's has been incredibly successful, with the hotel offering $4 beers, $5 spirits and wine, and $10 beer and cocktail jugs. There are live DJ's every week and monthly themed parties. If you've noticed that your local Wednesday night venue isn't packed anymore, it's because we've all moved on to The Crowie.

What makes The Crowie different to other local hotels is that the age demographic is widely spread. While it is beginning to appeal more and more to a younger crowd, there are always people in their 30's, 40's and 50's hanging out to enjoy the live band. Not only that, it's the one of the only venues on the north shore of Sydney that will be open late. On Wednesdays and Thursdays it's open until 4am, on Friday 6am and Saturday 5am.

It doesn't matter where you've come from, how old you are, or how many people you turn up with: The Crowie is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys a drink or two and a dance.

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