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Slip Inn

111 Sussex St, Sydney, NSW
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A stylish and exciting multipurpose venue offering an array of bars, a lounge, club area and outstanding cuisine. Slip Inn offers a welcome respite from the bustle of inner city - and outstanding food choices from contemporary Australian fare and delicious Thai. Originally known as the Royal George, this venue is extremely charming, with a large courtyard area and lounge area.

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What to Expect @ The Slip Inn

Review by Nastasia Campanella

I'm not usually a fan of clubbing during the week. With some spare coins in my pocket, a free night and a couple of friends I haven't seen in ages, I decide to head out. I walk into a three level club right in the centre of Sydney. Chilled out house plays softly, the scent of pasta wafts through the room and my friends love the old huge windows overlooking the city. A 30 something dood sporting jeans and running shoes chats to a corporately clad girl who appears to be also 30 something.

We're at Slip Inn - a club housed in a lovely old heritage listed building where no one is snobby and everything is nice, yet casual. Owned by Justin Hemmes and the Merivale Group, the place has become popular for hosting VIP parties, product launches and some of the world's best DJ's. With three bars and three clubs including the iconic, Chinese Laundry, you'll never get bored kicking up your heals here.

Our night starts off in Sand Bar. This floor has everything done in sandstone - the walls, the bar and the windows. I'm disappointed in my $12 gin and tonic [very weak], so we head to try the clubs second bar.

Garden Bar is set in an open court yard at the top of the building. We order up a couple of $5 steaks on a bed of thick creamy mash. We then share one of the Thai chicken salads topped with prawns and baby spinach. In my opinion, dinner has gone down well. If the $5 selections don't float your boat, there is a very good and cheap Thai menu and a bunch of pizzas too.

To cap the night off, we head to the Slip Bar. With polished floorboards and massive windows perfect for people watching, this level is ideal for starting the night off rather than ending it. Order up one of the cocktails [we go for a traditional cosmo], and enjoy the conversation. Yes. That's right. The music isn't blasting out of the speakers and you're able to hear your friend sitting next to you. In the end, I'm rather glad I chose to head out even if it was during the week.

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