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The Oxford Hotel

134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW
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The Oxford Hotel stands proudly at the centre of the entertainment district and is one of the oldest and most established iconic hotels in Sydney. Located in the heart of Oxford St, Darlinghurst, The Oxford Hotel caters for all demographics and social occasions. Featuring 4 levels of varying entertainment including our basement nightclub, the public bar, cocktail/functions lounge and live performances.

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What To Expect @ The Oxford Hotel

Review By Peter Tzortzis

Positioned in the heart of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, The Oxford Hotel consists of four levels that cater for all demographics and social occasions. Once walking into the main bar free of charge, the flashing lights, eye-catching pinball machines, video jukebox and games invites an adult crowd of males who are roughly 25 years of age and older.

After entering the premises, the venue had a laid back and casual atmosphere owing to how spacious the bar was and in sighting shorts, thongs and singlets, this was an ideal place to meet with friends after work. The comic strip painted on the wall and the disco music playing in the background, initiated an uplifting spirit that created a retro tone to The Oxford Hotel. Making my way to the outside smoking area, I took a menu and decided to purchase a cider beer priced at $6.60. The prices were decent, the beverages were cheap and there is a good value for money where a beer battered barramundi with chips and salads costs $17.50. However, they stop selling food after 9pm.

Heading back to the main bar and approaching the steps that would lead me to the Underground Bar Cellar, the words ‘Love, Pride, Women, Liberation and Men’s Dignity’ stood out and made it obvious that the Oxford Hotel is a place that strives for equality, working as a subculture to achieve acceptance and recognition in our everyday society. I learnt quickly that on this night the Underground Bar Cellar was closed, but after peaking through the glass doors I could spot brick alcoves and arches, sound systems, lasers, a pool table and an industrial-like dance floor where I could envision a large cheerful crowd having a great time.

Similarly, I was denied access to Gingers on level one as it was closed for a private function. As a result, I continued on my hunt for information and approached one of the waiters for a conversation where I caught on to his words and discovered that the level is a cocktail bar, with entertainment, a live performance space consisting of leveled seating catering for a maximum number of 180 people.

Marching up four sets of stairs, I arrive on my final level, the Polo Lounge on level 2 open every Friday night from 8pm-1am. Progressive house music starts the night off in this smaller setting which is made up of highly decorated black and white contrasts, candles and sofas. Polished oak parquet floors, fireplaces and carved marble windows produces a classy, yet stylish room that is available for corporate launches, engagement parties, photo shoots and functions. The room looked great and you can’t help but feel its prestige. Making my way to the balcony for some fresh air, I glanced at an impressive view of Taylor Square while inside the conversational mood transformed when the DJ began mixing. The cocktails and mojitos that were priced between $12-$18 made their way to the hands of the people gathered who were enjoying a good night, laughing and dancing.

The Oxford Hotel provides entertainment on each level, consisting of friendly staff and a happy crowd. However, this would not be an ideal place if you are a guy looking for a lady as on this night; girls were outnumbered by a much larger male audience.

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