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The Village

1 Kellett Way, Potts Point
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In arguably the most cosmopolitan precinct of Sydney, ‘The Village’ Potts Point raises the stakes with its premium offerings. The multi-level location, which features an alfresco courtyard, and which sits adjacent to the landmark Barcelona building (Gastro Park) on the intersection of Ward Avenue and Roslyn Street re-opened in November 2013 following a major refurbishment. Upstairs, The Village transforms into ‘Catch’, a dedicated cocktail bar where food is also available, and where strong emphasis is put on premium table service. The venues sophisticated clientele is kept at a controlled capacity to maintain the delightful ambiance and relaxed tone. Music too plays a pivotal role, with a carefully developed soundscape and specialist programming to create a classic setting where the music selections are designed to be more conducive to a convivial ambiance, not overridden to the point of distraction, along with live DJs playing on key evenings.

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The Village Review

Review by Kelly Teng

Kings Cross and Potts Point: a little bit of extravagance, a lot of alcohol, and a notorious reputation as Sydney's hardcore party district. However, tucked behind this facade of the "dirty nightlife" lies The Village Bar: a little slice of Eastern suburbs trendy mixed with Ivy class.

Situated on the corner of Kellett Way, The Village is a two-level bar decorated with plants, elegant furniture, and a feature tree on the second floor made of white fairy lights. Dark wooden hues blend with lighter whites and creams, and the venue oozes a distinct stylish vibe that can only be found in the East or in Surry Hills.

Stylish isn't just found in the decor, however; from the patrons to the drinks, everything at The Village feels like the bar counterpart of magazines like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. Playing host to a more mature crowd of mid-twenties to mid-thirties, this venue sees Sydney's fashionable elite stopping by after work or getting glitzed up for pre-drinks on a Saturday night. While there's no explicit dress code, it's generally a good idea for ladies to throw in a pair of heels or gents to don a collared shirt before entering The Village - just to avoid feeling underdressed.

The drinks and meal selections are equally as glamorous: from olives and prawns to lychee cocktails to die for, The Village's range definitely has something to tantalise everyone's tastebuds. The venue even offers a ladies lunch menu on Saturday and Sunday, which is a menu tailor-made for those midday catch-ups with your girlfriends.

While The Village definitely doesn't blast out music so loud you can't hear yourself think (darling, you have to be able to mix and mingle!), it definitely isn't short of atmosphere. This venue is buzzing and filled with energy, and people are genuinely enjoying themselves and having a good time. Often, the same social circles frequent here so don't be surprised to hear shrieks and laughter as colleagues or acquantainces reconnect.

So suit up, glam up, and rock your best-dressed outfit: for an after-work hangout or a trendy bar to hit up before a night out in Sydney's East, The Village is definitely the place to be right now.

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A Second Review of The Village

Review by Monique Rubbo

Apparently hot, sweaty, over packed nightclubs in Kings Cross are out and cool, trendy, hipster bars are coming in. After closing its doors nearly a year ago, the old Favela has undergone a major transformation and is now known as The Village. This new space is rapidly becoming the place to be seen within the Sydney clubbing scene.

The double level venue has been stripped of every thing nightclub and techno, and has been replaced with a super cool relaxed décor that gives off an Ivy Pool/Gazebo vibe. The venue is complete with indoor greenery, lots of white tall-boy tables, and a few cosy outdoor smoking areas, which means its great for post-work catch up drinks or maybe even a first date! The cocktails were reasonably priced around $13 and the beers were $9, which was justifiable due to the nightclubs free entry. On arrival the downstairs looked a little crowded for my liking but that’s only because I discovered later it’s a much quicker drink service in comparison to the tiny upstairs bar.

I would not however, recommend it as a place to get down and dirty with the girls! This is the pre-drink stop, the place to go while you still consider yourself classy and fabulous, the music and the crowd won’t allow you to be anything less. From what I saw, there was no place specifically allocated if you want to have a little dance so be prepared for a DIY dance floor, something I am not use to and not too fond of. The crowd was buzzing with a whole bunch of twenty-somethings, which was a breath of fresh air compared to the other clubs that are swarming with teenage girls that make me feel like I should be at my local RSL playing Bingo.

Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive in time for dinner but I have heard from many reliable sources that both lunch and dinner at The Village is extraordinary so I would definitely recommend you give it a go. I could vaguely see the chalkboard menu from the bar and everything looked quite delectable.

Like I said, I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list for a crazy night out, save it for Marquee or Trademark. But, it was a beautiful and classy little venue with a great vibe and it’s definitely on my re-visit list.

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