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The Elk

23 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, NSW
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A cosmopolitan mix of drinking and dining providing a unique dining and social experience in a colloquial setting. Enjoy the vibrancy of the Kings Cross precinct from the comfort of your home away from home - reclined at the lounge booths, al fresco in the garden, or over a vintage pinball machine, we’ve got a personal space just for you and yours.

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The Elk Review

Review by Zoe Antoun

The Elk has a different kind of ambiance, separating itself from the majority of clubs that have taken up residence in the Cross. While there is still music to be heard, it is a soft, R&B style. That is until the cover bands begin. While I was present, the majority of songs were from bands that give me major headaches. Not due to the loud throbbing beat, but in actual fact it was the ridiculous lyrics about his ex girlfriend that made me want to vomit.

This bar has a certain style to it. It has a more classy feel, catering to those of us who sometimes prefer to have a conversation when out for a drink. The Elk has successfully managed this by separating the large floor space into five separate seating areas with lounges and tables allowing for robust discussions of Jordie Shore.

The colour scheme of The Elk mainly includes shades of brown with the occasional deer antlers sticking out of the wall, as well as a vintage looking bookshelf on the upper level. If you wish to escape the noise of certain cover bands, I suggest travelling outside or up to the mezzanine, which is decorated in comfy armchairs with a seductive lighting.

I would definitely describe the atmosphere of The Elk as more of a bar typical to those found on King Street, Newtown. Just with fewer pool tables and flat screens and more high heels and cocktail dresses. In terms of the bar's demographic, while I did see some more “experienced” night-clubbers, the majority of the patrons I encountered ranged from early to mid twenties

The Elk shows great detail to interior design, making the décor makes the place seems classy and even expensive, however the pricing in this establishment is rather reasonable. For a beer you can be expecting to pay around $5- $6, snacks range from $4-$14, for a glass of wine $6-$9. Cocktails are a little more expensive and are about $15 or $16 and mains range from about $8-$20.

Overall, I would rate The Elk high on my list of places to return to when at the cross. After an incredible night of losing phones at The Club and losing friends in Soho, one tends to find refuge (and food) at the Elk. I will without doubt be returning there sometime in the future.

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