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Beach Haus

5 Roslyn St, Potts Point, NSW
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You'll love the sense of exclusivity from the moment you enter the Beach Haus. This decadent bar is an opulent getaway where you can slip from beach life to nightlife. The open, crisp new space is furnished with lounge chairs and beautifully maintained plants will make you feel more like you're in the Hamptons than Kings Cross. Enjoy the tunes of Sydney's best DJ's while you are waited on by impossibly attractive butlers dressed in crisp uniforms. Whether your looking for the standard beers, wines and cocktails or one of the more exotic share cocktails, served in chrome seashells, you'll be well catered for at one of Sydney's most hedonistic destinations.

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What To Expect @ Beach Haus

Review By Peter Tzortzis

Potts Point is where you can come across the Beach Haus that is more than just a nightclub; it is a place of escape. The Beach Haus is a great venue especially if you are looking for a club that takes you out of the ordinary and situates you in a beach life mode, inspired by the Hamptons. Well known athletes and celebrities have been spotted in the Beach Haus before, where even Leonardo DiCaprio was once seen dancing to a song on top of sofa during his night out!

Many times I have heard that getting into the club was difficult, and that a lot of people have been denied access, however fortunately for myself I entered without difficulty and paid the entry fee of $20. I observed the tropical venue and it was an impressive place owing to how it was decorated and neatly set out, except for that one couch that was placed in the middle of the dance floor. Multiple pot plants hung from the ceiling, RSA Marshals were constantly pacing around the room, and a mixed aged group that consisted of mostly a younger audience were dancing, standing around socialising or at the main bar buying drinks. The main bar was located at the back and a mini bar was further in close to the dance floor where a vodka shot can be bought at $8 and around $18 a cocktail can be purchased. The prices in the bar were common, not under-priced or over-priced. However I believe that the entry fee was under-priced and if the entry cost was bumped up a little, the Beach Haus would still be thriving.

Hip hop tracks and R&B tunes across most generations including the early '00s and late '90s were the sound of the night, that had people dancing as the night progressed and the room packed out by around 1:30am. Every table was booked including the booth behind the DJ where in order to hire a table you pay by the bottle priced at $280. The Beach Haus had a great atmosphere, the dress code was smart and not casual at all, the ‘special’ feel that the location boasted was created by its authentic design and set out. The Beach Haus was not the largest nightclub, in fact it was a small room that could potentially get busy real quick, possibly one of the reasons why most people find it difficult to get past security.

To be brutally honest, and I think most would agree with me in saying that the Beach Haus is rather a classier and nicer venue than most of the clubs that are in the Cross. The pricing was decent, the music was good, the atmosphere was terrific and lively, there was even a cloak room just around the corner from the main bar, how could you go wrong. My experience at the Beach Haus was outstanding.

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