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The Pavilion

580 George St, Sydney, NSW (opposite the cinemas)
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The Pavilion Hotel, affectionately known as 'The Pav' is a favourite bar to many Sydneysiders. The Pav is located on the ground floor of the HSBC Centre at 580 George Street, opposite the Greater Union Cinemas. This popular bar has become quite an iconic landmark in Sydney for regulars and newbies. The crowd is drawn to The Pav for its easy going atmosphere, affordable lunches and drinks specials offering week-long deals on beers and cocktails, free game of pool, eclectic DJs and dancing til dawn every weekend.

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Pavilion Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

The epicentre of cheap drinks in Sydney, the Pavilion Hotel is known for being the place to be for people with nothing more than a $20 note, and the will to have a good time.

Class, sophistication and elegance are all things that this place isn't! However if you are in the mood for cheap, trashy and sleazy (perfect for uni students), then this is the place to be.

The venue consists of two levels, one of which is just pokies. Needless to say, if you only have a $20 bill in your pocket, I'd steer well clear of these. Upstairs is where it is at, and despite the fact it is definitely a "cheap drinks venue," you'd be surprised by how cool it is. Although a relatively small venue (despite attempts to make it look bigger with a massive mirror running along the wall), the atmosphere of the club is very upbeat with everyone out to have a good time.

This place is notorious for getting absolutely packed, and when it does, it can be an absolute free for all to get a drink, so when you finally do make your way to the front of the bar, I strongly recommend you stock up big time on drinks.

If you are planning to hit the dance floor thereafter, rest assured you will undoubtedly find someone willing to dance with you. People at the Pavilion definitely leave there inhibitions at the door, which adds to the charm of the place, and without question in years to come will be the reason you say "remember that time we went to the Pavilion and I... (Whatever comes next is up to you but chances are it will be a bit naughty, but what do you expect from uni students)"

However two things to be weary of at The Pavilion. First of all, there is a relatively large security presence on hand to enforce responsible alcohol service. Needless to say, this is because alcohol service is quite... relaxed. 2nd of all, try not to fall down the stairs (You'll know what I mean when you get there). I've seen so many people at the end of the night fall down the stairs, and they just keep going... It is so funny (unless it's you)

Moral to the story is this is the Pavilion's biggest drawcard is the cheap drinks and the fact it is a pretty decent venue despite this, and the place to be if you are a uni student or trying to pick-up a uni student.

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A 2nd Review Of The Pavilion Hotel

Review By Kelly Teng

For any location that is located just steps away from Town Hall Station, the rule is this: lower your expectations, and you'll be sure to have a good night. Every night at the Pavilion I expect nothing, and in return I get one super fun (yet sometimes super trashy) night.

The one thing I have to say about The Pavilion is that - like Bar Century - it is both the uni student and the sleazy old man's dream. With cheap drinks that don't taste too terrible, everyone can get drunk here and do it without feeling like they just sculled a bottle of Passion Pop or Goon. The drinks are between $4.50 - $8 for standard drinks, with happy hour pushing prices down even further to compete with Star Bar next door. The bartenders are generally indifferent towards their patrons (probably because they serve so many drunk people in a night they've become immune to flattery), but they can make a decent drink which is all that you should expect for the amount you pay anyway. Entry fee is non-existent, but getting in to The Pavilion requires you to bypass two huge bouncers (or sometimes even up to four). Thankfully, the bouncers are more cheerful than the bartenders, and will generally greet you with a joke or a smile.

Whenever I go into The Pavilion, the upstairs levels are generally the place to be. The dance floor pumps late into the night and you can guarantee that there will always be at least one or two groups of people that just have to dance all night long. This spot also houses a lot of newly-18s who decide to start out their night here, so that's a double guarantee for an epic dance floor. Just be careful if you're a girl: don't dance too close to your girl friends or the men will all come flocking to you...but if you want attention, then this dance floor is the place to be. The music is most definitely mainstream with a bit of electronic funk to it, which makes it great to dance to, and the DJ is there on a Saturday night spinning the dance floor into a frenzy.

The Pavilion's atmosphere is always good, but never classy - then again, it's not meant to be. Instead, it dims the lights, shines a few colours all around the place, and lets the people do the rest. However, the best thing about the Pav is there are plenty of places to sit and stand if you're not looking to dance or be bumped constantly by people. The bathrooms are very average, and move into the 'below-average' zone as the night goes on, but it has to be expected from almost any nightlife venue. Similarly, the floors and tables are not the best, and chances are that staff will only take away drinks and not wipe your tables down.

If there is ever a place you need to go to get drunk and have a good night without spending heaps of money, The Pavilion is the place to go. However, if sticky floors and a general trashy scene are not your style, then your best bet is to walk straight past here on a Friday or Saturday night.

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