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Eurobar Review

Review By Delysha Pick

Eurobar is a well-known hang out for all those young, single and dare I say it, good looking. Uni gatherings are the drawing card for most of the clientele. I took a look last Saturday night to see what all the fuss was about and to see if the hot-hype is just what it's cracked up to be.

The line was short... ok sorry, the line was non-existent. Now every party-goer knows there are two reasons for this and two reasons alone. Either the bouncer is letting everyone in to pack as many people into the empty space that fills the dance floor, or the bouncer is simply tired, overworked and under-paid to care too much about capacity and numbers. Luckily for me it was the latter rather than the former. No lines are a concerning factor for night clubs. Line lengths determine popularity and are an indicator of exclusivity undertones associated with any venue. Exclusivity is the key, people want to be where everyone else wants to be, sad but true.

Decor of the venue is as important as drink quality. First impressions are lasting impressions and the Eurobar is not one to hold back in this department. Covered with a purple, blue, silver and black theme, clearly a female interior designer was called in for this one. The setup consists of a stage and two bar areas: a large bar inside and a secondary in the beer garden. The venue is relatively small so service is not all about speed, but about style. Eurobar does falter in this area though. Yes, big boobed, blonde bombshells behind the bar do pull in male clientele, but that's only half the puzzle. Pulling in customers and then having the intelligence to make the order in under half an hour seems a skill missing here. The quality of drinks however was quite impressive. Make with real lime (a surprise these days rather than the average of years gone by) it was overall a tick in my book.

Drinks were reasonably priced between $8 and $12, the usual for this standard of venue. However the biggest loss - I truly believe - was the infamous pole dancing pole. This was removed to 'clean up' its tarnished image of 2009 however to me, it was missed. Most would have paid the extra $2 per drink to be entertained by the misfortunes of many youngsters on that pole.

The atmosphere really did feel like an over aged school disco but as it was the end of uni graduations we can forgive them for this, just this once. Boys were definitely out on the prowl, however if you're looking for a MILF you will indeed have to look elsewhere. I felt like a grandma at the ripe old age of twenty-one. Eurobar seems the teeny-bopper hang out of Northbridge. Although these teens are flawless, I'd suggest anyone over the age of 25 should skip a few streets south to get some more established party action.

The venue was surprisingly scarce by 1:00 am, and a complete graveyard by the 2am close. It was overall a scarce night in Northbridge alone but these numbers were alarmingly low. With the known Crazy Sexy Cool dance shows and the famous modeling comps bringing the crowd in, the venue should return to its potential of last summer over the coming months.

Overall I'd give Eurobar a flat 7 tips out of 10.

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