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X-Wray Bar

3-13 Essex Street
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With an eclectic atmosphere and plenty of events to cater to all ages and tastes, X-Wray Bar is the perfect place to unwind any day of the week.

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X-Wray Bar Review

Review by Lucas Bache

Want to have a bite of Fremantle? I know the ideal spot. Slightly hidden down Essex Street, just off Market Street, the X-Wray Café is one of those place that would make you say to your mate: “We are in Freo, dude”.

The X-Wray is one of those fancy places hidden in the meandering of Perth town suburbs where only regulars would be there on a daily basis to get coffee and cakes during the day, cocktails and live music at night. Therefore, it is a place to be if you want to be in direct contact with the locals.

The venue is ideally located within the Fremantle entertainment precinct, walking distance to Millennium Cinema, and Market Street’s other hotspots.

The first step you will be taking past the outside gate will be directly followed by warm greetings from the staff and you will be given a clipboard with the food and drink menus attached.

The outside balcony, made of old stone, wooden tables and plants, perfectly represent the atmosphere of the place: quiet and relaxed. At 9pm, regulars as well as discoverers of all ages mix together, sitting with a bowl of wedges and a glass of beer while waiting for the live music show to start.

Inside, the place gets smaller, with one bar with a few seats and armchairs and a small stage for the band to play. From 10pm, an acoustic local band or solo artist starts playing different kind of music, from bossa nova to pop rock, and makes the place a bit funkier. There are also weekly events such as Thursday Jazz Night.

X-Wray has a various range of homemade cocktails, for a fairly cheap price, going from the classic Long Island Ice Tea to the more original Lucy’s Face (Lucy was a former waitress at X-Wray), delicate mix of vodka and passion fruit. A wine and champagne list is also available, glass or bottle, however expensive.

The crowd there is eclectic. Backpackers, families, couples or group of friends all get along and make the place as welcoming and relaxed as possible. There is a strict dress code: no dress code at all. Extreme casual or slightly formal - it is all about personal choice here.

The X-Wray Café will be one of your most original and unique Freo experiences. Whether you head there for a relaxed night with friends, family or on a date, you will always find what everyone is looking for when going out: pleasure and satisfaction.

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