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Trunk Bar

275 Exhibition St, Melbourne, VIC
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Beverages at Trunk sit side-by-side with the irresistible cuisine and continue the unique and original perspective that is the Trunktown package. Meet up with colleagues in our garden courtyard after a hard day's work and sample some of the various international boutique beers we have available. For those looking for something more adventurous our creative cocktail list will appeal to all tastes and sensibilities.

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What to Expect @ Trunk Bar

By Sophie Lane

The leafy green hedges and large winding willow trees of Exhibition Street's Trunk Bar provide a superb patch of greenery to the otherwise city smogs of Melbourne. Green picket fences and street style signage hang over the heads of walkers by, enticing each and every Melbournite, as he or she walks by. As I take the grey stone path to the front of what looks like an old style establishment, I instantly feel a sense of acceptance.

A heavily carpeted, pine furnished entrance displaying a myriad of couples welcomes each and every diverse ditty attracted to this precious little pocket of greener pastures. The main bar can be seen instantly with warm heavy lighting, and despite the copious drinking to my left and right there are no other indicators that it's after dark.The large old style bar is foreign to eyes with mere tinny table top experience such as my own. This large wooden serving area means that there is no cramped crowdedness. Acquiring your next beverage is 'easy like Sunday morning' (provided you're not hung-over after a brilliant night at Trunk).

A definite down fall of the venue is the well hidden toilets. The lack of people dancing makes me instantly decide that such a toiletry tactic is carried out with strategy - it's a well known fact that holding one's bladder really does induce some sexy sweet arse moves (although maybe that's just me).

Drink prices are a little above average, which truly mirrors quality, with everything in the venue rising above naive expectations.

A quaint exit, which is once again all too easy to miss, leads to an outdoor area for private functions. This room, or veranda, is covered in plastic type sheets which make any particular night's function visible to green eyed walkers buy. The roof of the function room is in itself a leaning willow tree, where mismatched lampshades hang and members of 21st or engagement parties celebrate in what seems to be the most youthful area of the venue. Old liquor bottles decorate the back of the function room's very own bar, as chequered shirt Charlie's serve your next beverage with a cheeky grin. Now, how do I find the bathrooms from this side of the venue?

As I exit the scene with a full bladder and a drunken stumble I come to appreciate the little toilet trickery of Melbourne's Trunk. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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