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Lounge Bar

First Floor, 243 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC
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Lounge is a dynamic venue steeped in contemporary bar folklore. Having started with a bang on the Melbourne social landscape in 1989 it has evolved as a steward of bar and cafe culture. It remains as a staple amongst punters. Up a narrow staircase directly off Swanston Street, you enter an open room. Here you are met with furnishings of industrial undertones and music with depth and warmth that instills comfort and confidence. The staff are well informed, hospitable and interesting. With beverage in hand make your way toward the spacious balcony and enjoy being in the heart of the city, a level above the bustle and the freedom of plein air. Once that's done move inside have lunch, a snack or dinner. Then a gentle cocktail or a crisp beer and rest until the dance music moves you.

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Review By Chloe Sesta Jacobs

If you survive the epic and seemingly never-ending staircase that you are confronted with upon entering Lounge, you've survived your first major hurdle. Then if you can decide which cocktail to choose off the large and enticing menu, you've survived your second, and most likely last hurdle. The only other problem you might face is (if hungry), deciding what delicious meal to pick off their generous (and vegetarian friendly) menu!

Now that you have all those things sorted, you can pick a place to sit. This might not be an easy decision either, as Lounge sports tables and chairs, as well as booths and comfortable couches. You can even head out to the balcony to grab some fresh air, or perhaps have a cigarette (whichever way you're inclined), and watch the hustle and bustle of the city go by underneath you.

Speaking of smokers, you'll all be very happy to know that Lounge has its own smoke machine so you wont have to walk far if you run out while drinking. Right next to the smoke machine lays an ATM, so your drinking will be unlimited all night. We all know once those drinks start being consumed, everyone thinks they're the richest person at the bar and we all hand over money like it's going out of fashion.

At $7 a glass, basic spirits are very reasonably priced and those elaborate cocktails I was talking about earlier range from $15 to $20 and are definitely worth it, as they'll hit the spot like you wouldn't believe. And you'll never have any trouble identifying which toilet is the right one for you, with 'GIRL' and 'BOY' displayed in a large, funky and 3D font on each door.

Open seven days and nights a week (from 11am on weekdays and from 1pm on weekends), Lounge is extremely dynamic, therefore suitable for any time of the day. Have a casual wine with your friends over lunch, come in for a few after work drinks and a light snack, or dance the night away into the wee hours of the morning.

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