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Goldfingers Nightclub

584 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
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Showcases the finest selection of showgirls and erotic entertainers from Australia and around the world and offers first class service in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. Indulge your senses with an up-close and personal lap dance from one of our stunning girls or simply let yourself be mesmerised with continuous table top dancing on one of our 5 podiums.

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What to Expect @ Goldfingers Nightclub

By Jessica Barlow

Goldfingers Strip Club on Little Lonsdale street in Melbourne's CBD is tastefully discreet on the outside but a hive of activity on the inside. The dancers work hard, the staff are welcoming and it's pretty clean. With performances every thirty minutes and at least ten girls on the floor at any given time, there's always something to get excited about.

After paying $18 for entry, patrons are greeted with glitzy red-carpeted stairs complete with faux gold banisters. At the top there's a small foyer complete with cigarette machine and a girl in a bikini dancing on a table. If you like the look of her you can grab a massage chair - only $2 - and enjoy the show.

There are two main rooms - The Playroom and The Poolroom.

In the Playroom, armchairs line the walls and face towards the raised platform stage featured in the centre. There is a minimum of one Dancer on this platform and occasionally another on a table in the corner. The pole dancing talent varies from beginners to professionals.

The Poolroom is the one the repetitive fuzzy announcements are always directing patrons to. While it has three pool tables they are definitely not the main attractions. Every thirty minutes there's a performance featuring one or two girls dancing out a particular fantasy. While popular, most of the routines are similar or the same and it's quite monotonous. Patrons sit against the stage and enjoy personal attention from the girls - think getting splashed with soapy bath water, whipped, or invited to rub ice on the Dancers' nipples.

There are two bars, one in each room. Wine and local Beers are about $9, Imported Beer and Basics are around $10. The venue is busiest on Saturday nights and getting a seat is near impossible between the hours of 12-3am. The club is open every Monday-Friday 12pm until late and Saturday - Sunday 6pm until late.

Private shows and lap dances costs $20 for fifteen minutes and $50 for thirty minutes. These are conducted in semi-private rooms with glass walls from the hip up. There is a strict no touching policy that, strangely, also applies to displays of affection between patrons.

The decor is almost elegant with plush carpets, flourishing architraves and shiny gold linings on almost everything. There seems to be a Greek/Egyptian theme going on, particularly in the Poolroom. There are stone heads of Greek Gods adorning the walls bizarrely paired with a large statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh and pyramid style light fittings. Everything is kept immaculately clean with the exception of the bathrooms, which seemed to be more and more neglected as the night went on.

Despite the very few negatives, I found the venue to be well run and it had a relaxed atmosphere about it. The Poolroom can get quite rowdy at times but there are enough security staff to ensure that patrons and Dancers feel comfortable. Despite it being a Gentleman's club and I a female, I felt welcome and would definitely visit again.

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