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Boss Karaoke And Bar

Levels 1-3, 195 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
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Handsomely decorated with leather couches, antique armchairs and featuring a number of intimate and secluded curtain areas; BOSS is the essence of elegance and old world inner-city sophistication. The walls adorned with subtle oriental inspired wallpaper and similarly inspired works of art make for the supreme backdrop. BOSS’s well reputed Asian tapas menu is the ideal accompaniment to any cocktail, imported beer, international or local wine, particularly when one wishes to share with friends. Come and relax in our oriental inspired karaoke rooms. These cozy private rooms are equipped with state of the art karaoke systems, and are one of the best in Melbourne. We offer 6 private rooms for groups of up to 30 people. Our database consists of over 70,000 songs in a variety of languages including 20,000 in English, giving our guests the freedom to sing their favourite songs just by the touch of a screen. On request food and drinks are brought to your room by your own personal wait staff so you don’t have to miss a single minute of your fabulous night. Live a little. Unleash the singer within.

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What To Expect @ Boss Karaoke And Bar

Review By Alyssa Jackson

One of the many bars along Chinatown located on Little Bourke Street, with an obsolete yet stylish venue and an opportunity to sing like you're on Australia's Got Talent or Dance Like A Buffoon, Boss Karaoke And Bar will have you sipping cocktails by the tower, like a boss. Perhaps share a private room with your friends, at the efficient service of a range of exquisite Asian tapas or mouth-watering fruit martinis, either the apple cinnamon or a personal favorite, lychee and grapefruit (the most amazing flower-like smell!).

Upon entering the free entry venue and strolling up the carpeted stairs, the distinct aroma of Asian food immediately infuses your nostrils, influencing you to contemplate if you're really heading up to a bar. Entering the first floor, you are subjected to two dim lit secluded lounge areas covered by shredded tassel-like curtains. These are separated from the rest of the tasteful, archaic room, holding the small bar and dance floor and stunning antique arm chairs surrounding small tables. The decorative light fittings and lit up small cubes scattered along the ceiling created a more vibrant but also intimate ambience. The mix of hip hop, RNB and house music was not too booming that I was able to socialize in a more laid back vibe. Heading into the unexpectedly unisex bathrooms were large posters reading "Check in and like us on Facebook for a free shot", a bit of a cheeky persuasion technique anyone would appreciate!

The walls were embellished with beautiful oriental art canvases and paintings that caught your eye by one glance with its panoramic surroundings. The crowd of mid-20 year olds were generally dressed quite casual, or more so 'dressas you please' as there were singlets and jumpers, yet shirts and dresses. The inviting Asian tapas menu ranging below $10 or the larger platters ($25-55) are the perfect treat alongside a fruit martini ($15) in a jug ($60) or the unique cocktail towers ($80) which are a fun way to share between friends.

Awaiting our cocktail tower, I noticed circular buttons located on each table, after realising that they were 'press for service' buttons, I subconsciously felt as if I was on an aeroplane waiting for my flight attendant to assist me of another cocktail. The best bit, it was 11:30pm and they were still serving food! If you crave a cheeseburger or a 6 pack of nuggets after having a few drinks, why walk the distance and stay to eat some of the moreish tapas of dumplings, spring rolls or even fries brought straight to you!

After spending some time in the bar, we decided to check out the second floor where the 6 private karaoke rooms were held. There is a $30 room hire (around $1-2 per head) in addition to the minimum spend of $25 per person which incorporates any food or drink from the menu. I walked down the slated path, vertically aligned with pebble stones descending the long hallway and oriental stone statues displayed along the walls. Each private room could hold a capacity of 25 people, with a large TV and a decent size lounge curving around the entire room. We didn't hire a space as there were only 4 of us, but I would definitely come back with a bigger group, hire a room and come back with 'karaoke goddess' on my resume!

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